Which cooler for i5 at stock speed?

I looked around for my answer but all the threads are about i5 at overclocked speeds, so I'm asking:

Is the stock cooler which comes with the i5 good enough at stock speed?

I read that with Turbo Boost enabled the temps get much higher (which I attend to have enabled). For now I won't be overclockign but I might in near future.

So if the stock cooler isn't good enough I would buy either Xigmatek Balder (dark knight but white) or cooler master hyper 212 plus, but is there any major difference between the two at stock speed, but good enough for future oc'ing? Or if you have a better suggestion then shot away.

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  1. The stock cooler should be fine. If you really want to be sure just try stressing the cpu with the stock cooler installed. Best way I can think of you be to run prime95 on only 1 thread to trigger turbo boost, verify that turbo boost is running on one of your cores with CPUZ and then monitor your temps.

    As long as your not overclocking and temps are not unreasonably high I really wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Yea, if you are going to leave the CPU at stock clocks don't even bother with an aftermarket cooler. Just make sure you paste and seat the stock cooler correctly and you will be fine =)

    Once this is done, run Everest and check ALL your temps....

  3. I'm sure that Intel would have tested the Heatsink before including it with the CPU and if it did not work for a stock CPU they would have included a different Heatsink with it - so you will be fine at stock speeds it is only when you start to OC that you would need to add additional cooling.
  4. The other posters have given you good advice about using a stock cpu heatsink at stock settings.

    You also asked about future overclocking. The Xigmatek Balder and Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus are very good cpu heatsinks.

    Here is a link to a very good web site with a lot of useful information about cpu heatsinks that can help you maike an informed decision:


    You can use the Google embedded search feature at the web site to find more information about heatsinks for specific cpu sockets.
  5. Thanks for the reply guys and for the link so both of the coolers are in the top 10 (Balder not listed but it has totaly identical resault as Dark Knight meaybe a degree hotter). Well thats for intel 775 but I dont think it matters that much (does is?).

    So anyway I'll but the hyper 212 because its cheaper than the balder so with the remaining I can buy an extra fan.

    But now I have another question, for now I'm planning on buying the Thermaltake Element G case and the problem occours because 200mm top fan is mounted inside the case so mounting a aftermarket cooler is questionable. On this link you can see inside of the case and the fan: http://static.pcinpact.com/images/bd/news/71836-thermaltake-element-g.jpg also here you can see an already mounted cooler which I don't know so I can't check how much it is wide: http://www.techpowerup.com/img/09-06-17/20094611551028957.jpg

    So does anyone own this case which can answer if the hyper 212 will fit into this case?
  6. The Thermaltake Element G is 9.1 inches wide. It is wider than normal. It can easily accmodate an extra large, 160mm tall cpu heatsink and still leave plenty of room for the extra large fan on the side panel. The cpu heatsink will not interefere with the large fan mounted in the top panel. The configuration and dimensions are very similar to the Coolermaster HAF 932 that I have. No Problem! :D
  7. Ye I knew the case was wide enough I was just concurred about the heatsink hitting the fan so thanks for your answer. :)

    I know this isn't the correct topic to ask this but as it's already mentioned I won't bother making a new topic:

    Is this case good overall for the airflow? Now I stunned up on Cooler Master 690 II. It also looks like a good case. It 25€ cheaper but has less fan's so I would need to buy extra fans so the price is pretty much the same. I think a better question would be are the 200mm/230mm fans on the Element G good enough as the 120mm/140mm from the 690 II + the few one's I can buy? Also which case has better airflow?
  8. You have a perfect case, even you can instal 212+ horisontal becouse you have top fan.
    And rememmber every heatsink with heatpipes need be install horisontal, just for the that pipes.
    When he is vertical fluid in the pipes go down and don't cool perfect (simple cravity) You temps for sure will be better for 2-3C in horisontal position....
  9. So can you mount the 212+ rotated? So instead of airflow going to the rear exhaust it can be aimed at the top of the case to the Top Exhaust? Would it seat properly this way?

    If so thats pretty baller :] lol
  10. ashkaji said:
    So can you mount the 212+ rotated? So instead of airflow going to the rear exhaust it can be aimed at the top of the case to the Top Exhaust? Would it seat properly this way?

    If so thats pretty baller :] lol

    I read for this on one review and it's work better...
  11. Look, i had intel stock cooler on i5 750.

    My temps on stock speed is:
    Ambient temp is 30C (lol hot like hell)

    Full load 100% on prime95

    Core0: 77C
    Core1: 73C
    Core2: 75C
    Core3: 72C

    Idle 0% load

    Core0: 39C
    Core1: 34C
    Core2: 39C
    Core3: 34C
    (Temp on first core is always higher and it's normal)

    Now with CM Hyper TX3

    Full load 100% on prime95

    Core0: 55C
    Core1: 53C
    Core2: 54C
    Core3: 52C

    Idle 0% load

    Core0: 34C
    Core1: 29C
    Core2: 34C
    Core3: 29C

    When i play STALKER my temps with stock cooler is 64C (average), with Hyper TX3 is 52C

    With CM Hyper 212+ will be better, but 212+ don't fitt in my case.

    I hope this is helpfull......
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