OCZ Vertex Turbo 60gb VS. Intel X25-M 80gb

So forgetting the raid0 thing. Now looking at the ssd instead. Debating on two different ones. The OCZ vertex turbo or the Intel x25-m. Anyone have any recommendations? The intel specs for read is 250mb and write is 70mb compared to ocz read is 240mb and read is 145mb. Gosh, which one should I choose? I was thinking about putting my os, all my main apps on it. Maybe a game or two. I'm new to the ssd so I'm not really sure how to set it up. Planning to have one ssd, gonna get me a wd caviar blk 640gb 32mb for storage of my movies and currently have a seagate 500gb 8mb, will probably use that as backup. Any suggestions?
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    If you want a fast one go Intel X25-M. If you want a slow and slightly cheaper one, go the Vertex.

    IMO, the two dollars you spend extra on an Intel drive is more than worth it; as you would need several Vertex drives in RAID0 in order to reach the random I/O speeds the Intel offers you.

    The sequential speeds (250MB/s - 70MB/s / 240MB/s - 145MB/s) are not important for the function of the system drive. What is important is the random I/O performance of the SSD.
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