My computer crashes, no reboot, no BSOD no nothing.

WTFail, i'm getting sick and tired of this.
My computer is around 1 ½ year old, and occationally it crashes, spontaneously. I get no warnings, no BSOD's, no nothing.
I've tried yesterday to insert a new PSU went from 400 to 650 watts. Didn't do me any good, i found that a sure-fire way to make it crash is to transfer larger files over a wired LAN-connection. As i said this is a sure-fire way, it will occationally crash when I perform mondane tasks, such as viewing and streaming videos online. Any solutions? any tips, hints any guidelines i'm getting more and more flustered as my wallet's getting lighter....

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  1. hm, if i were to venture a guess, i'd say it's the mobo. reason being is that I'm guessing your network plug goes into the mobo network card. try using it w/o a network connection or a bit and intentionally try to crash it but make sure your data is backed up.
  2. Mobo??? plz 'splain....
  3. try updating your network driver
  4. been there done that....


    When istalling Dualchannel RAM on a MSI K9N nvidia 570, how's this working, i mean how do you install them correctly? Must one of the RAM's go in the one channel and the other RAM in the other channel???

    Thinking that it's more likely to be a RAM-problem after all...
  5. Something on your mobo may be overheating. Check temps. Is your system overclocked? Have you increases RAM or Northbridge voltage?
    Take the side of your case off and point a common fan into your PC and see if it still crashes when you do a big file copy.
  6. Yes, valid point, but i have never overclocked my computer, my graphics-card is pre-overclocked (8800 GTS) that's about it, i'm afraid, and it's not a temperature problem, all my readouts are fine.

    I'm thinking maybe it's a incompatibility-problem since my CPU is an AMD Athlon Dualcore 64 x 2 6000+ and my "Mobo" is MSI K9N Platinum with a nVIDIA nForce 570 Ultra chipset. But it's crazy cause i ran a stresstest on my CPU and it went fine, I'm at my patience end.

    Is it because maybe there are certain functions it can't perform due to incompatibility??
    I'm beginning to think about faulty hardware of some sorts???
    i have been through sooooooooo much trouble with this computer
    my uncle made me this and after about a year it started crashing a few times in a month i asked him about it he told me to delete all the cookies and un used files on my computer, so i did it stoped the crashing for a while then it started crashing a hell of a lot more i deleted all again didnt do anything, it then started crashing to frequently i sent him the computer he had done something to it to stop the crashing but never told me, he is very busy lately and i do not wish to disturb him, a few times during these crashes it loads me to microsoft website saying update your video card or reduce hardware acceleration, there was no updates as i have driver scanner 2009 and i reduced the acceleration to a minimum, a few hours later it was back to its usless self againm i have tried absolutly everything, i have surfed thousands of forums and cannot fix it can anyone help me

    i might not be able to get back to this forum
    so here are my 2 emails i use frequently

    if u dont email i will still try to view this forum
  8. Have you run Memtest86+? A RAM issue would be my first guess.
  9. ran memtest, no result. My memory checked out fine. Could it be a case of Bad nulling? or is this perhaps more likely to be a hardware issue???
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