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Q8200 hitting a wall at 2.91 Ghz

So I knocked the dust off of my old quad core setup. It's a Intel DP45SG Extreme motherboard (I know OC'ing a Intel branded board is not always the best idea) and it's one of the few P45 boards that runs DDR3 1333. And of course my Q8200 that I've had for a while now. I am running Patriot DDR3 1333 modules at 9-9-9-24 and have the voltage bumped up to 1.7V for stability's sake (When running at stock speeds, they tend to be unreliable.) Also, I am only running 2 GB (2x1 sticks) and it's got the regular affair one one single sata HDD and a Nvidia GTS 250. No optical drive installed (I use a USB one, that I also use a plug in power source as not to drain power from the PSU.) It's also worth noting this is running a Zalman 9900 series cooler (I admit it's not the best) and AS5 for the TIM.

I'll be honest and say all the parts I had laying around, with the exception of the memory. And previously I was running 4x1 GB sticks at the same speed, same type, brand all that. The highest I could muster was 2.91 Ghz and that was without adjusting voltage and by just modifying the FSB to 415 (or something around there) Also when I was OCing at that level I was using (IMHO a better cooler) a Coolermaster 212 Hyper+. But anyhow, pressing on.

At the moment I have the computer overclocked to 2.8 Ghz by changing the FSB to 408 and I was using RealTemp and P95 to test it and it seems I am getting temps in the area of 55 C at full load at this level. Now I know the case I am using frankly sucks for airflow. Only 1 120MM fan in the rear at 1400 RPM and 2 92MM fans in front to cool the hard drives. But is this an acceptable level of heat for adding NO voltage and using (IMHO) a 2nd rate cooler? I know it's better than a stock cooler, but not by a great deal.

Also I've been eying the Q8400 as they seem to run really ice cold at 44C overclocked to 3.4 Ghz. But that's probably with a much better cooler and a better motherboard and case anyhow. Also I will mention in order to get my 2.91 Ghz OC stable I had to slow my memory down from 1333 to 1066. And at those speeds I was running about a 1600 Mhz bus speed, so I think the X factor in not going faster may be my ram, or it may be my motherboard.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? This is just my "mess around" computer, but I would like to see it run faster than my Phenom II X3 at 3.4 Ghz.
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  1. The Q8200 family is known to be not particularly good overclockers.
  2. Anyone with any helpful information?
  3. You might want to try your Northbridge voltage since you're going past 400 FSB. My P5E doesn't like doing much more than that without a voltage bump. The problem with the Q8200 is the low multiplier - you need a pretty high FSB to get decent clocks on the CPU and it can be difficult getting that with many motherboards.
  4. i'm not sure if this helps but i have got mine to 3.01 stable, 3.2 is achieveable but dies out after 1 hour.current fsb 430 multiplier 7. auto voltage and mem multipler. using zalman for better overall temps.cpu temps down by 7 degress ,other components down by 2 degs. any idea what voltage is best for the 440 fsb?. i have put mine to auto as 1.2v will be stable only for 2 hours
    (btw what the highest speed achieved with the q8200?, i feel like this is the most unoverclockable cpu :( )
  5. I ended up settling on 2.8 Ghz for a while, but since I will end up selling this computer off cheap I put it back to stock speeds and using speed step. I also threw in a BFG GT210 video card. Wait, maybe I already listed the specs on this machine. Oh, and I installed a new DVD-RW drive since last time I was running an external. I'm trying to get a friend of a friend to buy it as an upgrade from his ancient P4 2.2 Ghz machine. And an ATi 9550 I think video card.

    Anyhow I think the highest I've seen the Q8200 go is 3.2 Ghz personally. I can't reach those speeds because at 2.8Ghz I am running a 1600 Mhz bus speed and my memory can't OC faster than that. If I ran some more expensive/ higher speed memory I could see you getting a little faster.

    Hope that helps!
  6. haha yea i just found out the 3.2 ghz ones wer the cream of the crop q8200s.. apparently they are able to go up to 3.4ghz :S
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    the q8200 is well and truely un-overclockable. how ever bringing it to 3.01 has provided me with decent gameplay abiilty,i havent come across a game i couldnt play :D
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