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Hi All,

First time here :) where's currently the best places to buy computer hardware and software from or where do you buy from to be honest.

Looking for cheap affordable hardware and software with fast delivery and good customer service.


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  1. 1.

    Amazon is used mainly for software, unless an OS, then the egg.
  2. For cables and adapters, I recommend these:
  3. other sites for random great deals that i go to are:


    jk about the dell one ;)

    Directron is handy for me, because I can go pick up my order and they have great prices for a local store.
  5. ships to me incredibly quickly, so I usually buy there even though they have a physical presence in my state and therefor collect government extortion.
    I've also bought from Microcenter (CPU) and from (case).
    I also check every day, and also

    This is a Canadian website but I have occasionally seen some great deals. They do accept US orders. Ignore the prices you see on the main screen. They give you the US dollar price when you click on the item.

    I have not ordered from here but I know people who have and who have gotten great deals.
  7. I usually shop at newegg, once i've figured out what components and software i want for a build i check around different e-tailers (most mentioned in prior posts) to check for deals etc.
  8. I buy the bulk of my stuff from and
  9. I just ordered my components for my build. Most I got from newegg, but I did get a great deal on the case at

    Once you decide what components you want - and it doesn't hurt to have some alternatives - shop around as the prices can change daily. There are lots of rebates and free shipping deals to be had.
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