File/disk benchmark that reads sequentially from many files?

Does anyone know of any disk (or filesystem) benchmark suites that perform throughput testing when reading sequentially from many files simultaneously? The reason I am seeking such a utility is to estimate the performance of a realtime audio streaming application.

Platform: Windows XP

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  2. Major brain failure on my part - IOMeter can do what I want easily! Just create lots of workers, and set a different sector offset for each worker, and set the access pattern to sequential. I've just tried this, and the result was in the same ballpark as the application in question.

  3. Yes, remember though with multiple streams your I/O may be close to random I/O instead of sequential access.
  4. In the same ballpark, but still somewhat better. In my case, the application is issuing 32KB reads, and it performs quite a lot better than pure random. I suspect that the disk's read-ahead buffering is helping a lot, and if the stream count is increased to an extent that the disk's cache can no longer perform read-ahead, the performance really would then drop down to that of pure random.

    It is because I could not obtain the same performance when configuring IOMeter for pure random i/o that I looked into this a little further.

  5. read-ahead only works on sequential I/O, not on random I/O; you cannot predict what the application will read next. Only sequential access is predictable.
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