MSI P45 Platinum Not Powering Up

Ive just built my own PC yesterday,
following specs:
*Corsair PSU (620W)
*MSI P45 Platinum
*Intel Dual Core E8400 (3.0GHz)
*DDR2 Corsair RAM (1GB)
*Western Digital SATA HDD (500GB)
*nVidia 8800GT (512MB)

As soon as I finnished plugging in all components to the power supply and the cables to the correct slots on the motherboard, I went to power the pc on, but nothing happened.

LED3 on the motherboard glows 'red' when there is power to the motherboard from the power supply. (I checked with the mobo user guide, and it says that LED3 will light up when the board is on 'power on'). So the boards not completely dead.

But when I go to turn on the PC by presing the power button on the case. Nothing happens no fans switch on, nothing happens at all.

Could anyone tell me whats wrong with it?, Or if youve had the same problem?

any help welcome.
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  1. LOL @ MSI theres the fault
  2. and i should help lol check that the 24 pin PSU connector AND the 4/8pin power (AUX) connector are in, and that your front pannel wiring is correct, AND that your psu is pluged in and switched on (wall, the switch on the back etc)

    and as for your system specs - its a joke running that rig with 1gb, should be more like 4+ gb (which is excellent with vista x64)
  3. Check all your power cables, and try pressing the power button that is on the motherboard, i have this same motherboard in my system and its a GREAT board ;) i have never had any serious problems with it, just vista... lol
    good luck
  4. you sure you connected the powerSW plugs from your case to the board right?
    Platinum is a bit tricky there is no explanation how to plug it on the board read the manual reffer to JFP1 and JFP2 connectors
  5. hi, i like to know if you managed to isolate the booting up problem and got your pc running as I have same problem with just the led 3 lighting up, Many thanks
  6. I'm also having exactly the same problem. Please advise! :(

    Mine was working fine for over a year and the it started complaining about a usb device not recognized ( i hadn't plugged or unplugged anything). I tried to restart it and it just powered down. hasn't turned on since.
  7. yeah me too, my msi p45 platinum wont power up, led3 light is lit. but not powering up.. this is the 3rd time this had happened, the first two i was able to revive it by just dissembling the whole cpu, now it doesnt work that way.. maybe msi programmed their mobo's this way in order to have a constant consumer.. i will never buy msi products again.. will switch to gigabyte or asus.. or ecs
  8. i have the same mother board and I tried every thing but you know when I disconnected the power cabel that powers the cpu all leds ligth up and fans spin. but when i plug it back in the leds just flash and the fans just kick.

    power supply problem don't know tried another cpu and same problem as above.

    I know the power supply is good because it is working or is it half working.
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