9600 GSO about to become crap, now what

So now that the 9600 GSO is about to become a completely new card (48 shaders, without even a name change... like GSO-) it's going to leave a bit of a gap in the nvidia line up. Any idea what the new competition for the 4670 will be? Or is nvidia just going to let them have that price segment. The only thing I can think of is if they dropped the price of the 9600 GT a bit more. I suppose it's possible they realized the GSO should be below the GT in performance, so they're changing the GSO to fit that spot and maybe they'll come out and rebrand the old GSOs the 9600 GTS keeping the 96 shaders and upping the default clock speed to 600-650. Frankly that's the only semi-sane way they could be taking this.. except for the whole adding more useless card variants thing.
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  1. who knows why nvidia does anything these days... jk

    but if they do plan on dropping the price on the 9600gt, that would be pretty competitive against the 4670/4650 series. them dropping the performance on the 9600GSO or 8800gs or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT, that doesnt make sence... maybe they are aiming that card at differant buyers... idk, just a thought.

    nvidia should name their products right instead of simply calling an 8 series card a 9 series card. its sneaky and deceptive to their costumers and i will not buy from nvidia again
  2. Its easier to call nvidia card by code these days...G92-112-256-512
  3. blackwidow_rsa said:
    Its easier to call nvidia card by code these days...G92-112-256-512

    wait...! so you mean the 8xxx - 8800 GT, 8800GTS G80, 8800GTS G92, 8800 GS, 8800 GTX, 8800 Ultra

    9xxx - 9600 GSO G92, 9600 GSO G94, 9600 GT, 9800 GT, 9800 GTX, 9800 GTX+, 9800 GX2

    and the 2xx - GTX 280, GTX 260, GTX 260 core 216 doesn't make much sense and is causing consumers some confusion?! since when was this? :lol:
  4. since forever, the core(G92) was just reused in the 9series. the only one to use a slightly differant core was the 9600gt(G96). all nvidia did was rename their 8 series and resold it.

    the GTX200 series is a completely new core architecture so thats a differant story. still way overpriced if you ask me though...
  5. Yeah, it's a pain with the different name changes, but i find it hard to complain about being able to get a 9600GT for $75 after rebates or a 8800GT/9800GT with a great cooling solution for $95 after rebate. Talk about great midrange performance for under $100 compared to our choices 5 months ago.
  6. Isnt the 9600gt a G94? Im so confused..screw you nvidia! My head hurts
  7. blackwidow_rsa said:
    Isnt the 9600gt a G94? Im so confused..screw you nvidia! My head hurts

    lol, im with ya there.

    but yehhh the 8800gt/9800gt are very well priced... almost underpriced it seems for the performance you get from them. i dont hate nvidia, i just think they could do a much better job selling there products.

    well, on the other hand, they re-lable products and lie to costumers. never mind, i hate them :sol:
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