Bad sectors in hdd

i have many bad sectors in my hdd of laptop nd i need backup how can i get it??????
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  1. You are doomed, data stored on the bad sectors is hard (if at all) to recover.

    Most backup softwares just seem to crash whenthey encounter bad sectors, so i can't think of any that will work.

    So, imo, you are doomed, buy a new hdd
  2. so why do you have important data stored on the one device?

    if its that important send it away for data recovery and dont try yourself

    if its not so important theres a tool out there call hdd regenerator which *can* fix bad sectors, along with western digitals data life diagnostics or whatever its called can do it but if its that bad nothing will help - send it
  3. Technically bad sectors cannot be ''fixed''. All hdd regenerator does is try to recover the data on the bad sectors and then mark the sectors as ''bad'' so that no more data can be stored on them.

    I understand bad sectors are more of physical damages on the surfaces of the hdd disks and so unrepairable.
  4. There is a difference between bad and weak sectors. Weak sectors require much more time to be read; but aren't failed completely. Generally HDDs will replace weak sectors as a precaution; so many bad sectors will never get to the 'bad' state; they will be swapped before it comes to this.
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