Solved me to get my data backup

i was running my laptop with linux and one day when i turned off my laptop and as again i have started it i have got an error in booting,so i reboot it but my installation has failed....
Then i try to install windows 7
but i got various bad sectors in my hard drive .......So my question is how can i get my data backup....What i have to do???????
pleeaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee heeeeelp............
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    many people has this bad experience with laptops,, for data safety get a reliable portable external Hdd & also take backup in dvd's , bcz some times external Hdd wont get recognized ofter os re installation..
    if you have datas to recover now then get hirens bootcd & use hdd regenerator to fix some bad sector .. use the live Xp that comes with hirens boot to take data's from your crashed system..

    then if you have xp or 2000 cd , boot it up & format your drive with ntfs full format, it will move all you bad sectors to one place that OS can install on good sectors by omitting affected bad sectors

    hirens boot cd has lot of usefuls tools , check it
  3. Your best bet would be to figure out what type of interface you current HDD uses. Then buy an adapter that will let you connected it to another up and running system as an extra drive. Copy all your data that isn't corrupted and throw the drive away.
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