Need some advice with picking a new case

Hi guys,
Basically I'm planning on building a new system.
i7 920
p6t deluxe
gtx 295 (one for now and maybe another when they drop in price, but not more then 2)
CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory
and 2 velociraptor hds for a raid 1 and 2 HDs i will reuse from my old system.

Can you give me some input as to a good frame for it?
The main problem I had with my old one was dust so it has to come with some kind of a filter.
I was looking at HAF 932 or thermaltake armor series.
We really be greatful for some advice.

Lastly, what kind of PSU do you think I'd need? How much wattage and what brand would you recommend.

P.S. is there anything I can improve within the same budget?

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  1. Usually, the main factor with a dusty PC is that it's close to or on the floor. If you can get it a few feet up it makes a huge difference. But, you should also blow it out with compressed air once a month or so.

    I think you'll definitely want a full tower case with those parts. It sounds like you're going to spend a lot so you might at well buy a nice aluminum case like a Lian Li or SilverStone. My steel mid-tower weighs a LOT with only a single video card and 3 hard drives vs. your proposed list.

    Lian Li
  2. yup ur right,
    It is near the floor and unfortunatly U cant to much about it. 250 would be the max id spend. What PSU do u use? Lastly, does this one come with a air filter of some sort?

    God I hate typing on a laptop.
  3. +1 noya. I moved my pc to the top of my 2 drawer file cabinet and it gets a LOT less dusty. I blow it out once a month and it is always clean.
    I have 3 dogs and four cats in my house, it makes a huge difference.

    The armor is a full tower, yes? looks good to me. But even with a filter you should still blow it out once a month. And then you have to clean the filters once a month too....or no air flow.

    You can buy filters online, not sure about newegg but you should be able to find filters for any size fan at
  4. Try this PC P&C 1200W power supply.
  5. my cosmos 1000 sat right on the floor and never tracked dust inside. with eatx support it should have to problem with your video cards. Make sure you mount the optional fan uptop of the HDDs for your velociraptors. While it cools well you could do better with the haf as far as cooling goes. but the cosmos 1000 is far from the worse.
  6. Cosmos would be great for you because it is not mesh and has air filters. Also deeper front to back to house that long GTX 295. However, the way you're going will necessitate cooling above all else, as long as you can solve the dust problem. Therefore, I'd go with 932 HAF or Thermaltake Armor. Antec 1200 is also good, but it's shorter front to back.
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