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Hello Everyone

I have got a new thermalright extreme 120 ultra with a 12 cm big fan. to solve tempature problem when overclocking i7 920 d0 rev. Before starting, I have got a few easy and quick, yes/no questions :)

I have almost read all guides about i7 920 Overclocking. And I wrote my system end of this post.

Please consider I would like to get 4GHz when answering.

1-) There is a warning in the BIOS and Motherboard guide. The voltage DRAM Bus voltage over 1.65 may damage your CPU permanantly. And my rams are 1.8 voltage.(reference) What should be voltage of my memories? I have been recommended 1.8, 1.66, 1.65, 1.64 or 1.60. Which one is the best?

1.8v? 1.66? 1.65? 1.64? 1.60?

2-) I think 1,225 is enough for 4GHz. I do not plan to make it above 1,250. Above 1,250 comes to me risky.

3) I think QPI/DRAM voltage(in the other mainboards, it is named like CPU VTT Voltage our CPU VID Control) should be 1.3 for 4GHz. Or would you you recommend 1.2? Isn't 1.3voltage quiete high for overcloking 4GHz?

4-) I will make BCLK 200. Hence, DRAM Frequency will be effected. When DRAM frequency have been effected, will I need to change timings? Default timings 7-7-7-20 for my memories. when frequency have been changed to higher grade, would 8-8-8-24 timing be okay?

5-) thermalright 120 extreme rev C with 12cm fan is enough for 4GHz??

That's all. This topic will be helper for everyone as well as helping me.

you may wanna know.
intel core i7 920 d0
thermalright extreme 120 ultra revizyon C with 12cm thermalright brand fan
asus p6t SE
ocz 2*2gb 1333mhz platinum
thermaltake 750w

Thanks a heap. Respects !
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  1. Hi katalizor, I'm not that experienced with OCing the i7, but I agree that Vcore should never go beyond 1.25.
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