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Logitech's New G Series Lineup (opinions?)

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January 10, 2009 5:52:51 AM

Logitech just came out with 3 new and updated items on their popular G Series of devices for gaming.... G9X mouse, G19 keyboard, and the G35 headset.

So starting of with the G9X mouse which is the G9 with 5000 DPI. So... a $100 mouse... and what do we get again? (I have a G5 v1 which i am never going to change, i hope, and my opinion is the best mouse ever made).
So lets start with the good, features that i like about the new G9, the LED lights that you can change to any color you want, any color. Another good feature is all the customization.
Now the bad... all the customization. The various grips for the mouse that you can change. last time i checked my hand was pretty much the same every day i woke up, and did not change shape, so why do you need a mouse with different grips? (Here is my take, by advertising multiple grips for the mouse, the logitech is trying to make this mouse a no brainer, meaning, you can't go wrong, you are bound to like one of those mouse grips. Good or no? you decide) Weight, do make a difference, but why not keep the old design of the G5, it was perfect, now instead of 8 slots you got 4 ( and why is it $50 more?). And then the look, personally i don't like... very brick like, feels like one too.

NExt, G19. ( i have a g 15 v2 , again, never want to change it) oh yeh, did i mention it was $200.... what, does it have a color screen you may ask... well ahahaha it does. g19 is basically another g15 with a few changes. it looks a little different. You again can change the color of the LED's (yey!).... what else is new... oh right the screen lets talk about it.
Direct quote from the Logitech:
"Tiltable, color GamePanel™ LCD: The (320x240) display shows unprecedented levels of information—both in- and out-of-game—including game stats, system information, VOIP communication data, video playback, image slideshows, and many other items."
The size of the screen is about the same as on the original ipod, but i can't say that exactly. So does a color screen makes a difference from the G15's 2 color? Well lets see... Game stats... 2 colors is fine, system information... doesn't really have to be in the colors of the rainbow, VOIP.... i don't really wanna see people i talk to, Video we watch videos on our phones or ipods, well i don't atleast...., image slideshows... yeh... its a gaming keyboard not exactly a picture frame, unless you want to pictures of you favorite game hero... like Fatal1ty or somn (lol). Worth 100$ more then a regular G15... again, your choice.

Aha, G 35, finally a "real" gaming headset , not that "poop' they had before. Well will it create competition for Razer? (Personally i have a Plantronics Gamecom 777... recommended, its grrrreat).

So that we know what we'r talking bout, here is the pic of the headset...
so no more inline controls... more like on head controls... its like NASA controls ( Huston, we have a problem, we have about 5 terrorists entering B through tunnels... over). So this claims to have 7.1, pretty balzy for 2 speakers (it is obviously simulated 7.1). Also it has no regular jacks but instead it is all USB... so no use from your kick ass sound card.
But, there is one serious problem that i feel will impact me whether i buy this headset or not ( i am sure 99% i won't) ... as stated by logitech, this is one of the headset's features...:
"Real-time voice morphing: Select from six voices–Troll, Mutant, Alien, Giant, Cyborg, and Space Squirrel."
Yeh... you got it right. Now here is the problem. One of the best multilayer games of all time came out for PC recently , Left 4 Dead, and a headset is a must. And i can already tell, as soon as this headset comes out, everyone between 10-16 yearsold will want to buy this just because of that feature. here is a scenario, you are sitting in your lobby waiting for it to fill up, ready to kill masses of zombies, and then suddenly someone join and starts to speak nonsense in a voice of a squirrel!!! i guess there is something worse then a zombie apocalypse.

Thanks for reading : ) ... opinions, comments, trash talking... fell free to reply

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January 10, 2009 6:08:26 AM

When they make the G series wireless then I'll care. I know hard core gamerz will want every microsecond of response. but for me these gaming peripherals are about convience. I would hate to have to keep all that crap on my desk 24/7 and I would hate to have to keep unplugging it everytime I was done.

IMO surround headsets are useless. the speakers are so close together there is no way you could make out positions. Also the speakers themselves have to be smaller so they take a performance hit. Really virtual surround is just as good. I would like to have seen a good stereo set with auxillary USB power for extra bass. Even better if this headset was wireless.

The g13 is not as good as the belkin nostromo. The nostromo feels much like a regular keyboard, while the g13 will require you to re train your left hand.
January 10, 2009 6:16:01 AM

Wireless has a bad name right now and is pretty much gamer's worst enemy. If there was a benchmark that said the wireless didn't impact, and if there was a good wireless system that worked and that you didn't have to reset every so often, that is easy to recharge and has long lasting batteries and doesn't cost and arm and a leg, that is when the demand will increase and you will see more of the "g 7" material come out. Right now gamers sacrifice comfort over the feeling of security that their equipment won't fail.
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January 10, 2009 6:25:51 AM

I use a wireless dinovo mouse and keyboard. I don't even run it in bluetooth mode. It has NEVER failed. 2. Not hard to recharge a batter for 4 hours once every month.

While I might agree that for professional gamers ultra high, adjustable DPI, and stupid polling rates may make or break your game. I seriously doubt it will for the most of us. Even then it really only matter fro the FPS community.
January 10, 2009 10:58:19 PM

Fps community is the only one that demands high speed everything, and maby those Korean Star Craft players.... MMORPG need tons of buttons and that's about it.
Surround Sound headset (5.1 in my case) really makes a difference in a game even if it is simulated, especially in FPS. And when you listen to music you don't fell like it is literally in your head, whoever went from surround back to regular headphones knows what i am talking about. More bass is always good in headphones, i would go as far directly getting power to it and not from USB.