New Build. SupremeFX II no sound!

I just built a new rig, and on first bootup it was perfect. Except for the sound. I have an asus Rampage Formula motherboard, and it came along with a SupremeFX II sound card.

Basically, i have no prior experience with building computers. Im pretty sure i did everything right, except for the sound. I have my SupremeFX II in the slot that its supposed to be in, but im not sure what cords, if any, i have to have connect to it.

I basically have it plugged into the slot, and i have an HD audio plug plugged into it. Im not sure if the HD audio plug is supposed to be on there.

Im running an antec 1200 Case, and the HD audio cable is coming from the front of the case. I think that cable is just for the front headphone jacks, so that shouldnt be the problem.

I looked in Device manager, and the only thing that its detecting for sound in the high definition audio device, which is manufactured by microsoft. Im pretty sure thats not the FX II.

Im extremely confused as of right now.

There is an aux in slot that is on the card, but no cords that i have seem to fit. Could that be the problem?

And.. My specs are:

Q6600 w/ Tunig Tower
HD 4870x2
4GB Mushkin Extreme w/ Heat Spreader
Asus Rampage Formula
SupremeFX II Sound Card
860W PC Power and Cooling PSU
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  1. Did you install drivers for the card?
    Go into the device manager and look for giant yellow warning signs.
  2. i figured out what was wrong. you cant stick it into the white pci-e slots, you have to put it in the invisible black ne that blends into the mobo.

    but. now my mic isnt working. is there anything special that you have to do to get a mic to work?
  3. The mic may be muted. Open up the Volume Control and look in Advanced.
  4. nope. i checked everything.

    it works fine on my second pc.
  5. Not all mics work in all boards. Check the impedence of the mic vs what the board will accept.
  6. well my mic probably died. its been dying for a long time now.

    ive had to boost my mic alot to get people to hear me. i was at +30dba boosted just so people could hear me.

    RIP :/

    does anyone want to recommend me a good headset?
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