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I have just bought a new Cyberpower i5 computer with P55M-UD2gigabyte motherboard and SATA II drive. It is operating in IDE mode and Cyberpower says that a) this makes no difference in performance; b) if I change the settings in the BIOS to ACHI to take advantage of SATA II speed, I will have to reinstall the OS (windows 7) and it may revert back causing me to have to once again wipe and reinstall the OS; c) if I don't want to have to reinstall the OS, I can insert a reg file into the registry and hope for best, which means that I may have to keep trying things to get it to work properly. My level of expertise makes this an impossible option.

I play no games; do no video or music editing; no heavy number crunching. Basically, this is a business computer with a trading program and 15 or so Firefox windows open. Can someone comment on 1) whether or not switching would improve performance; 2) if so, where/when would I most likely notice it; 3) is there a simplier/safer way to accomplish the changeover?

This is my only computer and I use it for trading every day so it's worse for me to be without it than to have it run slightly slower. I will probably not think it's worth doing if I end up having to resinstall the OS and redo all the changes and settings and reinstall all the programs, etc. Thanks so much
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  1. IDE mode is primarily there for compatibility with legacy operating systems. However, it also has the neat side-effect of disabling command queueing on drives that support it. This, as mentioned above, can boost performance.

    How to enable AHCI in Windows 7 RC after installation

    I wouldn't do it if Cyberpower says it will cause problems.
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