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I have paid Driver Whiz a lot of money and it has proved to be totally useless!

6hours later I now cannot even open "Driver Whiz" it tells me there is a problem? and the only option I have is to delete "Driver Whiz"?

Why has this program cost me almost £35.94 inc Vat.? when it will not even open?

I paid by Papal, but apparently they will not help me get a refund? Is this l rip off Britain in full technicolour?

Can anybody help, how do I contact Driver Whiz for a refund?
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  1. Driver Whiz is a rip off, and you fell for it. It installs spyware in your computer.
    Delete DW (if you can) good luck.
    ALL the drivers for your computer are available on the manufacturers website FOR FREE!!!
    Another lesson: Don't download "fix it" programs from the internet, EVER. You will be screwed for sure.
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