Hi Hope someone can help.
I have become aware that some new games i.e. Brothers In Arms Hells Highway and Call of Duty World at War will not operate with my current set-up.
Having referenced the "Run it" webpage I am advised that my present graphics car Radeon X800XT is not suitable. I require level 3 Shader and the present card is only level 1/2. It further explains that my present card has more than enough "raw power" but fails on the aforementioned shader capabilities. In effect does this mean that I could purchase a new graphics card with Shader 3 capability which would not be as powerful as my existing card in other areas.
Could someone recommend a card which obvious has Shader 3 capability together with providing overall performance as good as the X800XT

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  1. Yes you are correct with your assumption. It would be easy to buy a SM3 card that wasnt in "Raw" terms as fast.
    Recomending a card would be easier if you could tell us the specs of the rest of the system. CPU, RAM, etc and include the operating system and power supply as well please. Also is it a PCIE card you need or AGP and finally a budget.

  2. Your 800XT WAS a powerful card in it's day, and it may be powerful enough to run the game you are wanting to play.
    But, by todays GPU standards it is quite slow and out dated. Nearly any modern gaming GPU in the $100 or better price range will simply spank it, pretty badly.
    Yes, please tell us your full system specs so we can suggest something that will do the job at the best price.
  3. Hi Guys
    System is coming up on four years old;

    Windows XP Home Edition
    Pentium 4 Processor 530 with HT ( 3.00GHz, 800fsb, 1MB cache )
    1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 400MHz ( 2 x 512 )
    256 MB PCI Express x 16ATI Radeon X800XT.

    As far as budget to replace card say up to £125/$200

    Again is it a question of upgrading or is it almost a case of replacing.

    On a secondary point would the games I already own be compatible with a new card with upgraded shader capabilities.

    Your advices and comments are appreciated.
  4. Well it is possable depending on your motherboard that you could upgrade the CPU as well or at a later date to a core2 chip.
    As far as games and compatability is concerned then i beleive that most SM3 cards would cope well with the step back to SM2, dont know how a SM4 card would cope though. I tried to run a game the other day and it wanted DX8 and SM2, Im running a SM4 capable card HD3850 and it looked crap and all the Video options were not available.

    As long as you are not running a big screen a HD4670 would be a good card for your system as it is.
    Given a CPU upgrade and a secong Gig of ram you would be good to run a HD 4850. There is a 4830 in between but it is priced close to the 4850 and it would come down to a budget decision and the fact that you wouldnt really use the extra horse power. If you had say a 17" monitor then its 4670/4830 or if its a 19" then its 4830/4850.

  5. I'd go for a 4850, which will be significantly bottlenecked by your CPU, but will work fine, and be a good video card for when you upgrade your CPU at some point. Alternatively, for a cheap solution, go for an HD4670.
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