[SOLVED] Sound Driver (Japanese)

Hi, I'm fixing up my friend's laptop and I'm almost done. It's a Japanese laptop that originally had a Japanese Windows XP OS running on it. After I installed an English Windows XP OS, I needed to get drivers for it. Problem is, I don't speak/read Japanese.

So if someone who could help me, I'd really appreciate it. The laptop is a Toshiba Dynabook TX 570LSBB (A80 Series). If you have any questions please ask! I'm mainly looking for a Video and Sound Driver. Thank you!

**Also, if there's a driver for wifi (anything internet for that matter) if you could point me in that direction too I'd appreciate it!

After searching around, I found this site: http://dynabook.com/assistpc/download/modify/tx5bios/index_j.htm (Chrome translated it for me to English)

Is this what I'm looking for? And will everything still be in English if I get it?
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  1. The drivers are all on the manufacturer's website, and FREE.
  2. soundguruman said:
    The drivers are all on the manufacturer's website, and FREE.

    I think the link I put up was to the manufacturer's website, the only thing I wasn't too sure on was if that is what I needed to download (I don't understand Japanese).
  3. I got almost everything to work! Only issue still is sound, however it's a bit more complicated..

    So if I play any kind of sound (youtube, booting, etc), I can very distantly hear the correct sounds, but it is almost silent (This is for the laptop speakers as well as the headphones).

    I would love to have the laptop speakers work, but not necessary. But having sound work through headphones is a must, so if someone could shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    EDIT: I feel dumb..but I never noticed the indented audio controller..
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