Lost Icon my computer

Hello, Dear Sir/Madam in My Computer Lost Icon my computer Windows Xp Pro
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  1. In My computer Lost Icon My Computer, Patiently, Mikhail Kitsak, Tel. 416-253-9928,E-mail: kitsak@rogers.com, WindowsXP PRO, Patiently, M. Kitsak. Thank you
  2. First you should delete your personal information from the post. This is how spam and identity theft starts.

    Second, don't post again minutes after your first post because someone did not reply yet, it's rude thing to do, like using all caps.

    Third, do a Sort by Type on the desktop to be sure it's not hiding somewhere. If that does not show it, right-click on the Desktop, go to Properties, Desktop tab, click on Customize Desktop. Check the box next to My Computer, it's probably unchecked.
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