Stupid DNS error!! NEED FAST REPLY PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

would some one help me!!!
I click on the red X and then

i get THIS!

and will this help?
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  1. What version of windows are you using?

    Try connecting to using their IP address as a test.

    Check your DNS information by running this command in a Command Prompt window.
    ipconfig /all
    Write down your current IP addresses including DNS and Gateway.

    Are your DNS addresses static or DHCP?

    If they are static, it could be the ISP changed the addresses and they no longer work.

    Try inputting as Preferred DNS, then check the internet.

    Access the router via the configuration page.
    Check the addresses the router is assigned and using for the connection.
  2. Use a different DNS, your default DNS should be set as your router (, if the server is down which happens then change the dns to another one, there are thousands of diferent ones, I suggest trying
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