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All I have used is Cat 5 cables for networking. I have to get a couple more now. I am seeing Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 cables now. Do these 3 work with the same products a Cat 5 would?

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  1. Yes they work the same. Cat5e is really all you need. Cat6 and 7 are for longer distance gig connections
  2. I'm pretty sure the basic comcept behind them is the same, but the higher the Category is, the better quality the cable is i.e. it can transfer at higher frequency/speeds, or go longer distances at lower speeds without losing signal. Where'd you find CAT7? I didn't find any CAT7's in Canada.... I'd suggest you go with the CAT7 if you want to future-proof your network for faster speeds like 10G, unless you're happy with 1G.
  3. Cat7 is for long-distance networks. Cat6A is the highest "normal" ethernet standard, created specifically for 10GBaseT networking: 10Gigabit copper ethernet. Right now everything is gigabit, but 10 gigabit is coming soon, right now only a few server adapters, but 10GBaseT might be standard on new motherboards in a year or two.
  4. Cat5 - official for 100Mbps - works on gigabit for small distances
    Cat5e - verified working for gigabit on small distances
    Cat6 - official gigabit cabling
    Cat6A - official 10GBaseT cabling
    Cat7 - long distance (dunno if 10GBaseT works on Cat7 - it should)
  5. Regardless of the cable type, the longest recommended distance is 320 feet. Not sure what you are doing with your network, but I would imagine cat 6 would be more than adequate.
  6. Some types permit 300 metres, which is about a thousand feet. But you won't be running 10 Gigabit over those. ;)
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