Just bought a geforce8800 gts 640mb, afraid my PSU is too weak

Hi I just got the geforce 8800 gts 640mb card and im worried my Thermaltake Purepower W0100RU 500W ATX 12V 2.0 isn't going to handle it.

I've read a review online that said it only puts out 18 amps on the 12v rail. Should I RMA the thermaltake?
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  1. You just bought the 640mb card? Why? How much? Can you return it?

    It is pretty old tech to be buying new.

    If you wanted a card in the mid-range, a more suitable card would be a 4850, 9800 GTX+, etc.
  2. Have you tried it yet?
  3. I had an old ...maybe 15amp power supply running a micro atx board, 3200 amd proc, 4 512 sticks of pc3200, floppy, dvd-rom drive and god knows whatever else and a 640 card. had no problems. don't count it out until you try it.
  4. I bought it new from a guy at Starbucks for 80 dollars. And no I haven't set it up yet.

    Basically I just wanted a decent cheap card to get by with for a year or so. Maybe I misread something on newegg. Its said you need a minimum 400 watt 12v capable of 26A. I took that has 26A on the 12v rail....maybe i'm okay.
  5. Lol. This Starbucks thing seems a little shady :).

    Good luck with it. I would give it a try. If not, then you can get a new PSU.
  6. WHAT??!! You mean Starbucks doesn't sell hardware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, yeah it was a Craig list thing.
  7. You should be Ok since your PS puts out 29A combined through the two rails, provided you don't have the system laden down witlh bunches of hard drives, optical drives, big fans (120mm or greater), and an overclocked high wattage processor.
  8. Well the CPU is pretty low its a e8400. I have two hardrives and one DVD R. Plus 4 80mm fans a 120mm heatsink and two sticks of ddr2 ram.
  9. you'll be fine power wise, too bad you didn't spend a little extra and get a much better card tho.
  10. I love that card, but sadly enough for another 30 bucks you could have gotten an 8800 GT.
  11. ^ 8800/9800 GT.

    Cheap, usually many come with rebates. :)

    I had a 640 a while back...it was a decent card in its day...but the newer G92 chips put it to shame...
  12. it will work fine.
    if you can return it there are pretty good deals online.
  13. You should be just fine. Personally I don't see the point in spending money on an 8800GTS 640 now adays unless you already have another one and want to run them in SLi. Hope you got a good deal on it :D.
  14. Why did you buy a 8800 GTS 640mn????Why??
    you need 25A minimum to run it.
  15. Well I don't have much money right now to be honest so I just wanted to find a new 8800 gt or gts for sub 90 USD. I will upgrade in a year or so.
  16. I should also point out its the SSC version. Last time I checked it was marginally better then the 8800 gt and for 80 bucks thats not too bad right?
  17. I'm confused. You didn't want to spend more than $90 for a new GPU, so you buy an old one that is extremely power hungry, so much so, that you wonder if your PSU can handle it, right?

    If your PSU can't make it, do you use it as a paper weight, or return it, or get a new PSU to make sure you can use it?

    If any of the above, besides returning it, is the option, didn't you just spend more money on it than $90?

    It's up to you man. It was a good card in its day - like 2 years ago. I would have gone with a different card myself, but you've already got it, so hope it works for you.
  18. Well....its a case of not thinking about the power when I bought it and I was in a hurry. So yeah i didn't exactly think it out straight because I bought it on an impulse. Still "if" the PSU can hack it i think it was a decent purchase. Otherwise, yeah 30 more dollars and i'll get an antec
  19. Getting a 9600gso from ebay for $60 and overclocking it yourself would've been a better choice.
  20. some of u guys dont know what the f**k u are talking about. The evga ssc version of the 8800 gts 640mb has 112sp and more mem, memory bandwidth and rops than the 8800gt. The card will perform similar and HIGHER than the 8800gt expecially with higher res and or AA. With a minor overclock im sure he can get his shaders to 1500mhz(same as 8800gt) i sure as hell did on my old 320mb and that was a vanilla card!!!


    id say he gotta pretty dam good deal!!
  21. Well i'm pretty happy about it. I am using this machine mostly for graphic work (ie. photoshop, flash, autoCAD etc.) I bought the 8800 to play the occasional game such as CS:S, and strategy games. I'll probably also end up playing the Stalker series and Assassin's Creed at some point. The card came with Crysis which I don't really like so I gave that away. I don't have a very flashy monitor - just a Samsung 206bw 20".

    I did a calculation on the Amps and it looks like I'll have plenty with my setup, i'll know for sure wednesday when everything goes together. Thanks for everyone's imput
  22. Just thought I'd follow through and mention that the power supply was enough. The system is 3 days old and seems to be running fine, though I haven't run a stress test yet. I get 12,300 on 3dmark06 with the card and an e8400 @ 3.6.

    The card idles at 53 and is at 63 at full load so I guess I have a little room to O.C. the card.
  23. Congrats. Very cool.
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