Antec Skeleton, Power issue.

Hi, I just got an Antec Skeleton case, and there seems to be a power short out with it. When I hit the power button there seems to be power, but only briefly, the PC isn't fully turning on. I've double and triple checked all the power connections. I tried just using the pw_switch on the mobo, and still get the same thing. I checked and then tried different power cables and got no change. I've also made sure that nothing is touching the underside of the Mobo. I see no reason why it's shorting out, lol. My PSU is an OCZ StealthXstream 600watt 24pin ATX PSU. My setup should be listed with this posting, the only difference is the case. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Is your CPU fan connected to the mobo or disabled in the BIOS if needed ?
  2. Try powering up with only 1 DIMM RAM, CPU/HSF and video card. Unplug everything else including the hard drives and optical drives as well as any PCI cards (sound) and case gans, etc. If the system worked fine before you switched to the Skeleton, your MB may be shorting out to the case. Note: You better be good at dusting and don't set a drink anywhere near the darn thing. 8)
  3. How about the USB connections. are they all the right way around ?

    Just a quick Brain Gas thought.

    I did look for a while on the Net but could not find a picture of the USB pins from the front panel..
  4. Thanks for the help, but no dice. I have no clue why this won't work. won't even power up in my old case. I'm starting to think I really messed up here. I kinda want a new mobo anyway, lol.
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