fan stopped working how can i fix it?

i have a recertified evga 9800GX2 and today the fan decided to quit working, i was installing call of duty world at war so i couldnt see my temps in my tray area but when the install finished the temps were gpu 1= 120C and gpu 2=116C. i also noticed my pc wasent as loud as it usually sounds so i took the side off my pc and yep the fan isnt spinning. what it was doing during the game install was the fan would kick to 100% for 3 seconds then turn back off, it did this repeatedly until i shut the pc down. so after this i took the card out and reseated it and unplugged the power then replugged the power and tried that. but to no avail the fan still wont spin. so if anyone has any info on how to fix the GX2 fan its greatly appreciated. lucky for me i had an extra gpu, a 9800GTX+ which ironically i ordered a second one yesterday so i can SLI them for better performance than the GX2.
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  1. Aftermarket cooling fan.
  2. ^+1, or RMA.
  3. Recertified. Lets see, whats wrong with that word?
    Reinsertafied, thats better.
    Next lesson!

    Edit: You might be able to remove the fan from the Video card and plug it into a chassis fan header to see if the fan works or jumper to PSU that way you will know if it is the fan or the board.
  4. Lets assume that it really is the fan and not whatever is supplying power to the fan.

    Option 1 Buy an after market fan
    Option 2 RMA or buy another one from EVGA or another vendor

    Take a deep breath..............................
    Option 3 take the fan apart, remove the little round clamp the is holding the shaft of the fan in place (without breaking it). Clean the assembly as good as you can with a tuner cleaner sort of wash. Then apply a small amount of slick 50 (dont use too much a drop from a q-tip is enough, spray it on the q-tip and let the q-tip apply 1 drop to the assembly) to the shaft of the fan and the part of the assembly it fits in. Re-insert the fanblade-shaft back into the assembly. Put the little clamp back into place and with any luck it will run forever.

    I had to do this a few times back in the day with proprietary fans on old PIII laptops. There was not a replacement to be found so there was no choice but to repair them. I have to say though that once repaired I never saw one stop again with slick 50 applied.

    Good luck
  5. i guess ill just rma and get my money back, tomorrow ill be running 2x 9800GTX+ SLI and that performs better so thanx for all your input
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