CPU's Compatible with a DELL XPS 410

I've had my XPS 410 about 2 years. Lately while playing WoTLK my FPS has been dipping really low. Figured a new Video Card will solve the problem. So I picked up a GeForce 9500GT. Has helped but I am still having the FPS dipping down on me. Everyone says a CPU switch should help resolve it.

I'm not looking to overhaul my system or purchase a new one at this moment. (When I do it will be a custom.) It's a pain enough trying to find compatible upgrades for my system. So wondering if anyone knows a compatile CPU that would be a nice upgrade and hopefully combined with the new card will hold me over for another year before I build my new PC?

Also will switching my RAM help at all?

My current system:

GeForce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2

1GB RAM PC2-5300 DDR2 (667 Mhz)x4 for a total of 4GB

Dell Inc. 0CT017 Motherboard, Intel P965/G965 Chipset

Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 (2.13 GHz) Processor

375W Power Supply
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  1. your CPU is fine. your graphics card is poor though, that's causing your slow-down.

    from cheap to... still pretty cheap
    now that i look at your power supply i dont know if the last two cards would be supported, but you would still see a huge boost with the first one(no power connector needed).
  2. your rams perfectly fine.
  3. GPU upgrade from the Nvidia side

    You may be able to overclock the cpu using Clockgen software, it depends on the PLL chip on the board.

    Worked on mine
  4. So I guess I should exchange my card for a different one?

    I was under the impression the 9500 was a fairly good card.

    Dell will that card work with my system? Also how can I check the PLL chip to see if I could overclock it a bit?
  5. Yes , the 9800 GTX+ will work, and the one I linked to only need's a single 6 pin power cable ( you have that ).
    You'll need to open the case and check the numbers on the chip, it's located at the bottom right hand corner of the heatsink shroud.
  6. Do you also know a PCU upgrade that would be compatible with my system? I'm looking to upgrade my 410 to the point I can play without my FPS bottoming out in graphic intensive fights and it's so hard to upgrade having a DELL since you can't go and just throw anything into it.
  7. Core 2 Duo E6xxx series ( E4xxx also, but that wouldn't be an upgrade )
    Core 2 Quad 6600 and 6700
    The Q6600 is about the best bang for the buck and can be pinmodded to run at 3.0 on the XPS410 ( see bottom of the link I provided previously )
  8. If I went with a Q6600 what else might I need to change? Don't want to overhaul the whole system.
  9. Maybe the bios, to the latest version.
    The machine was sold with the Quad and the heatsink has proven to be fine even with the pinmod.
  10. Cool. I have the latest BIOS. Going to try and see if I like the overclock and how it performs. If not may go with a Q6600.

    Thanks for the help.
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