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Hello and I'm having a problem with sandra lite 2009 SP2.
I have a Q9650 CPU overclocked to 3.6GHz my FSB is at 1600 and my multiplier is always at x9.
I am using ASUS P5Q-VM motherboard with the latest BIOS version. My FSB strap to NB is at AUTO. My memory is running at 800MHz at default voltages at 5-5-5-15, so basically my FSB ratio to memory is 1:1. My problem is that when i run Sandras memory bandwidth test my computer freezes in about 5 seconds into the test, my mouse does not move or the keyboard, the only way is to shut off the PC with the power button.
Any suggestions what might cause this freeze? Oh by the way the memory is not overclocked, I'm leaving it as it is, only the CPU is overclocked, it also cant be the temperatures since Ive used wPrime to stress test my CPU, temperatures never went above 55C. I have the latest chipset drivers from intel.
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  1. I look at these items when freezing happens:

    msconfig startup items
    remove temporary files
    remove spyware

    test memory with memtest86+
    power supply?
  2. Try waiting. Several SANDRA tests (including that one) freeze my computer while they run, but if you wait until the test is finished, it is responsive again (the test just takes up so many resources that even basic services like explorer.exe run slow or freeze during the actual test).
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