Gigabyte cold boot issue

I have the GA-EP45-UD3P with a Q6600. I can overclock fine (haven't tried any higher than 3.0Ghz) and run Prime95 for 12 hours stable. However on a cold boot, my pc wont boot first time. It has to restart, sometimes resetting he BIOS sometimes not.

I know this is a very common issue but my research tells me that it is a common issue for P35-DS3 boards, not mine. I have tried a number of suggestions like removing all external connections on boot, etc but nothing works.

Is there a solution to this or will I have to RMA my board?
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  1. If your BIOS is resetting, it's finding something it's not 'happy' with in the BIOS settings; this is not a real consistent thing - when I start pushing the envelope, and getting past the board's sweet-spot, sometimes it will boot two or three times OK - and then surprise me with a parameter reset; one thing to be aware of is the amount of time you'll save by using the 'save BIOS settings to CMOS' function; not only will it allow you to go back to an exact parameter set to continue tweaking, but (at least in mine - a DS5 - same family) it's congenial enough to keep track and tell you how many times it has booted successfully/unsuccessfully with a given set of parameters...
  2. more often than not it doesn't reset the BIOS settings. If i can run a torture test for 12 hours stable, then I dont think it is a settings problem? 3.0GHz isn't that high for my CPU or motherboard. I think this is a common gigabyte problem, its just tricky to find a solution.
  3. Well, there are a number of fairly common reboot problems with this MOBO family, but, most often, they present themselves in a 'reboot loop'; I have heard of problems that won't present in a 'stress test' environment, but will crop up randomly - I'll have to scoot around a little to see if I can recall where to find some of the culprits. One thing that is a common cause is USB problems: peculiarity - you can't boot to a USB device without setting 'Legacy USB Support' to enabled, but setting it to enabled will often cause other, boot-related problems; second, GBs are very intolerant of older, 'slightly off spec' devices (USB has been evolving for some time now, and a lot of the earlier devices were sort of 'cowboys') and hubs especially, as well as devices that draw more than USB's rated current - recently went round and round with someone who had problems because he insisted on using, of all things, a USB desklamp, for God's sake, and it drew, like, twice the current rating for a USB device... Go figure!
  4. I have heard about the Latency USB support issue, so I have that disabled. I have also heard that it helps to underclock your RAM, so in my case I had it running at 800MHz. But neither of those worked. It will boot fine if I restart the computer or leave the power to the PSU on....its only when i turn the power off at the PSU, then try to boot again.

    cant see any other possible remedies apart from a new CMOS battery or RMA of the board. Its brand new so dont think t is the battery.
  5. That is odd - and I'm positive I've seen this before - I just can't recall where - the exact symptoms of a bad CMOS battery... Lemme do some searches over at TweakTown & get back to you...
  6. cheers buddy much appreciated. My computer has been off for about 9 hours, but powers till on to the PSU and it failed to boot. I am not sure the BIOS was reset, I think it booted to the second BIOS.

    I went into the BIOS settings and it said there was a boot error due to overclocking values, but none of the values had been reset, this is why I assume it booted to the secondary one.
  7. Peaks said:
    It will boot fine if I restart the computer or leave the power to the PSU on....its only when i turn the power off at the PSU, then try to boot again.
    My P45-EP-DS3R always reboots once if I remove the power to the PSU. I think my P35-DQ6 did as well. I don't believe this is a problem. Why in the world are you removing the power from your PSU enough for it to be a concern anyway? Also, that is a point worth mentioning in the OP, don't you agree?

    Leave the power to the PSU on and let it eat, you don't have a problem.
  8. Ya know, that occured to me too - I can use one hand to count the number of times the PSU switch on my system has been 'off' this year, and I wouldn't even need any fingers... Seems to me the last time I went round with someone over this, he was concerned about USB stuff's idle current - which I pointed out was milliwatts, but, well, it wasn't greeeen enough...
  9. I've got a buddy that turns off the router etc., because he saw it on TV. Thankfully he leaves the UPS running and he doesn't need to save the $0.30 a year that turning off the PSU would save.
  10. I was looking at a GB page for a new MOBO to evaluate for someone and read: 10% energy savings by adjusting for length of ethernet cables!!! How much power do you think a CAT5 dissipates, for god's sake? A milliwatt? A microwatt?? What, precisely, is ten percent of almost nothing???!!! I think the engineering guys need to go downstairs and beat the living *&$T out of the marketing guys...
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  13. i never turn off the power to my PSU really, but I do if my computer is ever moved or anything so having a problem with it is a concern. it turns out that this isn't a problem tho. it seems that when the PSU is turned off (obviously so is the MoBo) then the boot strap is forgotten. This means that wehen it is rebooted it needss to reset the strap/latch which requires anther boot.

    i disabled the Latency USB support and set the MCH Frequency latch to 333Mhz, seems to boot first time now :)
  14. When I was shopping for parts for my first build in 6 years I was actually kinda upset that every freaking componant was "green", I had to disable all that crap in the bios, and when the bios resets when I screw up I have to go back and do it all over again.

    Anyway, I have the GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R and it boots the same way. If you don't know it will kinda make your heart race the very first time you turn it on... :sweat:

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