Suggestions to replace a Radeon 9800 XT

I'm running an Asus K8V MB, Thermalake 450 PS,Amd Athlon 3200+Processor, Radeon 9800XT, 2gig Ram on XP. I've been running into alot of problems lately with what I think is the video card. I primarly play World of Warcraft and its as if the screen is cracking around my character as i'm moving around the screen. At first I thought it just might be the driver. I updated the drivers and the problem still existed. I've altered the settings ingame with little luck. The system is about 5 years old and I do need to just replace it but can't afford a new gaming system at this time. I was wondering if there any AGP 4/8 Video cards out there that might offer a better gaming experience. I'm looking at spending under $150. Thanks for your time
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  1. I think I've made up my mind and would like to go with this card, however after looking at my PS I noticed the existing 9800xt has a 4pin attachment to the PS. Is there an attachment or something that would enable me to connect the my 4 pin from the PS to the 8 pin HD3850?

    After looking closely at the picture, it looks as if there is a connector included. Just needs two 4pin inputs from the PS to the connector to make up the 8 pin.
  2. I guess my next question after checking out the specs and not being able to find it is does the Radeon HD 3850 meet the 1.5V AGP criteria? My MB book says only to install 1.5V AGP cards. Also do you think I'll have a big bottleneck problem running a 420W PS with a Amd Athlon 3200+processor?
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