Overclock help: i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe V2, G-Skill 6GB DDR3 1600

Hello everyone,

I need some suggestions regarding overclocking. I am looking at 3.6 or 3.8 GHZ. After countless hours of research online, I'm ready to give up, so much info and so diversified.

The Specs are:

i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe V2, G-Skill 6GB DDR3 1600, Dark Knight cooler.

I am still confused about SpeedStep disable and Turbo disabled as well. Lots of people say leave them off, while others say on. Which one is it?

If someone could provide some step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the above 3.6 and 3.8 overclock, I would appreciate it.

P.S. It's 90F too high for full load CPU in Prime95 at 3.8 GHZ?

Thank you
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  1. Here is what I did so far, followed the guide at Xbit:

    So far, stable 2+ hrs in Prime95 blend, temp around 78-79.

    Still waiting for suggestions.
  2. As far as overclocking goes, read the two guides i made that are in my sig. Preferably the Core i7 overclocking guide for you because it offers step by step instructions.

    What program are you using to monitor your temps, because i dont know how you got a farenheit reading. Everyone uses c when dealing with cpu's. I really doubt that you are getting 90f at full load, because that is like 32c and you didnt mention using an aftermarket heatsink.

    If it is 90c then that is way to hot. It should not exceed 78c, preferably lower.
  3. Sorry, I meant C. Here is what I did next:

    lowered CPU Core to 1.22500 same for QPI.

    Temperature full load Prime95 Blend, between 60-65C. Stable for 2 hrs now.

    All the settings are identical to mine, minus the CPU Core and QPI numbers I mentioned above.

    Should I lower the DRAM Voltage? The G-Skill DDR3 run by default at 1.5 and now they are set at 1.64
  4. Yes, drop dram to 1.5v.
  5. And it will not be undervolted?
  6. so bottom line: memory at 1.5v or 1.64v? This is the memory

  7. Well seing as the max voltage for that ram is 1.6, i would tune down that voltage to 1.6 for maximum stability. But 1.5 should be fine, wont hurt to put it at 1.6.
  8. Ok, I'm running Linx now since Intel Burn test passed several times.

    I will keep it at 1.5 for now, but I will consider 1.6v if it gives more stability. Does usually higher DRAM Voltage equals higher stability? As long as it doesn't pass the maximum advertised voltage?

    Thank you again
  9. As long as temps dont get to high more voltage means more stability. You should be fine running at 1.5, but there is always the option to run at 1.6 if you have issues.

    Run memtest to check for memory stability.
  10. Ok, I'll try memtest. Temperatures are around now 66-69 full load. and about 35-36 normal.

    At 3.8 GHZ
  11. Kk, best of luck.
  12. so after days of testing and everything working ok, today while copying files onto the computer, it froze up. Rebooted and realized that only 4GB was showing available. Played around with the RAM, tried them in different combination and I was able to get it back with 6GB. Now the question are:

    1. was it because of the overclock?
    2. Does the RAM need more voltage rather than the standard 1.5v?
    3. Should I leave SpeedStep and Turbo on? This is where I can't get an straight answer.

    Thank you
  13. There are tons of reasons that only 4 gigs would show up. Hopefully your system will be fine from now on. There could be any reason the system may freeze. Disable speed step, and leave turbo on. Speedstep sometime makes the system unstable.
  14. If I leave turbo on, will these setting look okay? See the 21x multiplier that I read doesn't work well with Turbo? Or was it Speedstep?

    3800mhz 21x181
    DDR3 @ 1451
    CPUv 1.225
    PLLv 1.80
    QPIv 1.2000v
    IOH 1.10
    IOC PCI 1.5 (stock)
    ICH 1.20
    ICH PCI 1.5 (stock)
    DRAM 1.5v
  15. Yeah looks good dude.

    Speed step puts the multiplayer down a little bit when its not under any kind of load. Turbo adds x1 to the multiplier.
  16. fixed the issue with the CPU voltage not changing properly.
  17. thanks, so I'll leave 21x181 despite the turbo adding x1?
  18. weird. So the current overclocked settings are making my bios show 4GB RAM again.

    4011mhz 21x191
    DDR3 @ 1531 (8-8-8-24)
    CPUv 1.250v
    PLLv 1.80 (stock)
    QPIv 1.250v
    IOH 1.10 (stock)
    IOC PCI 1.5 (stock)
    ICH 1.10 (stock)
    ICH PCI 1.5 (stock)
    DRAM 1.60

    Any suggestions? SpeedStep is off, Turbo on C1E disabled.
  19. Another update. With these settings, I am able to see the whole 6GB.

    3591mhz 21x171
    DDR3 @ 1371 (9-9-9-24)
    CPUv 1.18125
    PLLv 1.80 (stock)
    QPIv 1.2000v
    IOH 1.10 (stock)
    IOC PCI 1.5 (stock)
    ICH 1.10 (stock)
    ICH PCI 1.5 (stock)
    DRAM 1.6v

    SpeedStep, turbo, C1E OFF.

    Any ideas on what to do next? RMA the RAM? The system passed all the test for 3 days, Linx, Prime, IntelBurn, Memtest and today, it just froze and now this issue with the 4GB only being recognized.
  20. anyone?
  21. It is a known problem that only 4 gigs show up. It is not the rams fault.
  22. I read tons of forum posts, but what doesn't make sense is how the full 6GB show if no overclocking. As soon as I overclock, it fails. Wrong voltage? Tested all the DIMMS individually in every slot and they all booted fine.
  23. Well its working now, no?

    Like i said before, there are millions of reasons why all 6 gigs wont show up.
  24. Nope, as soon as I raise the RAM Mhz, it shows only 4GB. The ram is rated 1600, but anything past 1300 during overclocking will only show 4GB. Upped the voltage on the CPU, QPI etc..still nothing.
  25. Well have you tried to set the Vdimm to 1.65? Its not the rams fault, its the IMC's fault.
  26. overshocked said:
    Well have you tried to set the Vdimm to 1.65? Its not the rams fault, its the IMC's fault.

    Tried 1.64 for the RAM. I also noticed that I cannot even run the memory at default settings which should be 1600MHZ. I set to XMP profile, no overclocking and it only sees 4GB. So at this point, I have a feeling it's the RAM.
  27. Dont set the xmp profile. Just set the voltages to stock and set the memory multiplier to 2:12.
  28. yup, set the voltages to stock, multiplier 12x133, so 1600mhz, set timmings, etc...only showing 4GB, memtest passed.
  29. Hey,

    Wante to put my 2 cents on this, I just finished building my first pc, pretty much the same stuf you have, except i went with the Corsair H50 and I'm impressed with it. I don't know much about overclocking but I tried your settings on AI Tweaker and I ended up with 3.7Ghz after boot up no problem, and my temps are around 32-34 on idle, like i said I love that cooler, my question is about how to test the stabilty of the overclock. And about the ram I kept it at 1.5 I remember reading about the limit and i didn't wanna try more. I know I went all wrong on the way I did my overclock but I kept reading all this stuff that didn't really make it clear and I tried a 3.5ghz through your settings, I think my pc is stable but hey what do i know.
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