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I was wondering if anyone can help me with this. A few days ago my computer locked up and when I restarted it it would not go back into Windows. I used my Windows disk and tried to restore it but it wouldn't do that either so I put the settings back to factory settings. When I finally got into Windows I got a error message from Intel Matrix Storage Console that says "A hard drive is reporting a SMART event" and "A hard drive has reported that it might fail". I know the basics about computers, but I'm pretty much clueless about this. Should I take it to a professional and pay ridiculous amounts of money to have it fixed or is there something my clueless self may be able to do? It's running Windows Vista and it's a Dell Inspiron 1525. Thanks!
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  1. First things first: back up everything on your drive.

    The reason why your hard disk is complaining that it's about to fail is, well, it's about to fail. I'm assuming your Inspiron isn't under warranty anymore, so you might want to buy a replacement 2.5" hard drive yourself, and use the directions in the manual to install it on your hard drive. Try backing up the restoration partition as well, so that you can reinstall the pre-installed OS without having to contact Dell for a replacement.
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