Foxconn A74MX-K Problems

Ok so here's the deal. I just bought some new parts to upgrade my old rig. (Motherboard, Memory, Cpu and HD)
Everything arrived put everything together fine. Then it wouldnt start, the fan wouldn't spin nothing was working. So I figured it could be the wire placement on
the front panel. And yep now it would start.

Everything went fine, installed Windows so I was happy it worked. But then I forgot to connect my audio cable so I connected it and what do you know the screen froze. Ok that got me riddled so I wanted to turn the pc off. was holding the
power button for ages and it wouldn't shut down so I switched off the main power.

After that it would result in me turning the main switch on the back on and then the power button on to make it work which it didn't. Only after a some time of keeping that routine it would turn on.

So I thought it must be fixed now, then I went to plug in the internet cable and the same thing happened, the screen froze again.

After that everything stopped working, no green light when I push the power button, no fans spinning no nothing. >NOTHING<.

As you can imagine I'm pretty pissed off since I just bought everything yesterday.

If anyone has any ideas or advice, it would be appreciated.
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  1. maybe motherboard issue? as you know, that is not supposed to happen. make sure all your wires are connected inside and outside the case and try turning it on again. if nothing happens, take all the new hardware and put it on your old motherboard(assuming its compatable). if everything works fine, you know it is your motherboard.
  2. Yes I'm beginning to think it's my motherboard since I'm using the PSU and the GPU on this pc which I also was using for the other parts, so that couldn't be it.

    Also switched out the memory to see if that could be the problem, but it wasn't it still wouldn't start up.

    Now the problem is that the not working parts are reduced to the motherboard or maybe the cpu. But I don't have an other compatible CPU or motherboard to test it on. Which leads to frustration since I could get an other motherboard, but then find out that the problem was the CPU or vise versa.

    Also it's brand new the motherboard and the CPU so either foxconn or AMD did an extremly crappy job with testing their hardware before sending it to sale. Which is leading me to think that if it's the motherboard I will never buy one from Foxconn again.
  3. if there is no light on the motherboard when it is plugged in to the psu, and no fan wirling or anything when you press the power button (assuming you double checked its conection to the motherboard) then it's not cpu related. check all the connections between the psu/power button and the motherboard and try turning it on again. if you have nothing happen then the mobo is bad and you should DOA it.
  4. I would like to know what watt the psu puts out.
    If it is less than 450 then you simply don't have enough power going to the system to run all devices attached.
    Check that first and then change out mb.
    The mb's from foxconn I've found have about a 23% fail rate on initial install.
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