Seagate Remains on Top; Good News for WD fans?

So, Seagate retains its lead:
Seagate Technology LLC (STX) remained the world's largest manufacturer of hard disk drives in the fourth quarter of 2009, despite a strong challenge by perennial second-ranked Western Digital Corp. (WDC).

Overall, shipping grew 8% from the preceding quarter to 49.9 million hard disk drives units, with Seagate controlling 31% of the market, according to iSuppli Corp. The research firm put Western's market share at 30%, although sequential growth was stronger for Western.

Fang Zhang, an iSuppli analyst, said Seagate's hold on the top spot surprised many observers who thought Western Digital would bypass its main rival during the quarter.


I'm thinking this is good for us, because it will push WD to work even harder to grab more market share from Seagate. Am I right?
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  1. Even if Seagate is the top, I still have more faith in WD. Though I've had one drive from each company give me a SMART warning.
  2. Seagate has long had the cash and facilities compared to WD.

    What is surprising is that WD isn't far away to Seagate's market share.
  3. Am always loyal to WD. maybe now they can drop their prices, and then i can get the 1.5tb one. :lol:
  4. Maybe. Look at their lead, they've just barely make it to the top. :D
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