Unable to transfer data from hp v155w 4gb pendrive

I have brought hpv155w 4GB pendrive for just a month and a half ago and now I am unable to transfer any data but can browse the files in it. So please suggest me.
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  1. USB Flash drive tester


    The pen drive may be bad and need replacement.
  2. I would recommend avoid HP product.

    I also bought HP v155W 8 GB flash drive and realized when trying to register products that HP doesnt even have a mention of that product on their website, nor do they provide support or registration.

    It seems they get these contract manufactured from a contract manufacturer in China (PNY I guess) who are allowed to sell on HP name.

    I tried calling HP call center and emailed tech support, but they keep bouncing you from pillar to post.

    I am now feeling cheated by HP and my sincere advice for everyone is to STAY MILES AWAY FROM HP PRODUCTS hereafter.
  3. I also had the same problem and it is solved using the Ufix - 1 tool from PNY. Now my hp v155w device is back to usable state.

    (http://www.pny.com.tw/index.php?mode=product_detail&PID=49 Click on the last tab and download Ufix 1)
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