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My brother in laws computer was in good condition as it seemed until most recently. He took out the Harddrive and inserted it into a Lantec external and cleaned some files. When he put the harddrive back into place, he was having an error saying something about a corrupted file. (This was at the screen right after bios, still black screen). So we took a closer look at the hardware to make sure everything was properly connected. Once we powered on the second time we now recieve a new error code, "IDE-0... ok" and remains the same screen unless restarted, than goes back. I've tried going into the bios and reconfiguring but same error. The computer didn't come with a windows xp boot disk or we would of tried to fix it with it, instead we tried burning a disk. It did not work, instead it did not even read the disc.

We once again hooked up the harddrive to the lantec and it seems to be working properly. Now is there any type of info that can help? Maybe a website to install windows xp on the harddrive through the external drive? His laptop is working, his desktop is the computer that isn't working. Any help please.
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  1. Sounds like you deleted some important Windows stuff. Why on earth didn't you just delete the files in Windows instead of putting the disk in an external enclosure? That was asking for trouble.

    Let me guess - you tried and Windows said something like "Access denied" or "Another program has this file open" or some such message.

    Well, now you need to get a proper XP disk so that you can do a repair install. Don't bother with downloaded files that you've tried to burn to disk - get the real thing. And you've learnt a valuable lesson - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  2. When I tried to install windows using a backup disc it did not give any message. It says there is nothing to read, followed by: IDE:0... ok

    I did not delete any files, my brother-in-law said all he did was try to clean to computer using an external HDD connected to the hard drive.

    What I'm asking is, is there a way to either install windows xp on the hard drive while its in the external HDD or maybe a way to upload the boot disc on a USB flash drive? I'm sure there must be an answer other than purchasing another copy of windows. I wish the computer they purchased had the boot disc with it, but it was just preloaded with windows xp from the start. Any answers?
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