I7 overclock fail and the follow up

Well i decided to share my story maybe it could help someone else avoid the error's i've made so here we go:
Few weeks ago i've finished building my new rig which consisted of the following parts:

CPU:I7 920 2.66Ghz Cooler:Corsair H50 Watercooler
RAM:6048MB OCZ GOLD 1600MHZ DDR3 Triple Channel (heatsink model)
GPU:ATI 5870 Sapphire 1024Mb
MOBO:Asrock X58 Supercomputer
PSU:Corsair 850 W NON Module
HDD:1TB Caviar Black WD
DVD/RW LG standard DVD/rw
CASE:HAF 922 (full fan setup)+Cable management on

So any way it was working good for over 2 weeks.In fact it was working better then what i was expecting ofcourse every good thing has it's counter action.
So to start where most things end my startlling overclocking skill.
Well the CPu was working fine for 2 weeks with an easy 300Mhz overclock it was going steady on 2.8Ghz.But than i discovered i had the sudden urge to overclock it.ANd so i did using the provided motherboard options which did it by it's self a true recipy for disaster.So after the supposedly good overclock i went in the window saw my temps at 45/46 idle thought hey it could go to 90/100 without melting it's cool right...So i felt awsome and i ran 3d mark vantage first 5 min was smooth but then came the CPu test....Yeah well it didn't work out so well my pc just shutdowned no noise nothing it was as if asleep....
So i did what everyone would have done in my place i panickd after that i tried the following:
Remove CMOS battery 3 times each 30 sec
Short CMOS Jumpers
Wait for it to cool tried it again.
Nothing nothing nothing nada niks ;p
NOTE:motherboard was not recieving any Power light's and the fan's begin to turn for a split second light goes on and than dies again that were it's sympthoms ;p
So after that i pretty much took it all apart
Sended my MOBO as RMA Unfortunetly well apperently a pin broke from it while in transport still no RMA cover all for the best bought an Gigabyte UD5 Board X58
it arived few days later took the box opened it shoved everything in and before i proceeded into cable management i started the pc.Everything turned up all diagnostic ilghts power lights fans everything no beep but i was like allright no beep it could still work.So i did the cable management installed the video card tiewraps everything.
SO i took the whole rig up stairs connected it and than started it and BEHOLD
the black screen of the unturning monitor.....SO naturally i assumed the worst
RAM or CPU or GPU if i am really unlucky i removed the faulty motherboard option since it's 2 hours old.So any way 3 days later my mood came to do the tests i planned.
So i took it downstairs shoved another video card started it nothing......
Then i was just about to RMA my RAm and CPU when my mother came in said
Hey change the slots just to try i was like it wouldn't metter.But i did regardless
and behold it turned on i was a bit startelled logicly it made no sence for it to turn on but so it did.So i installed the rest of the ram stick they all worked...CPU worked as well and the videocard.I have 2 explanation as to why it worked first one
When i installed the hardware the first time i accidently reseted the bios perhaps it thought something was broken so it didn't start up and when i removed them again and changed the slots it was forced to recognize them all again.
option 2 is that the slots are really dependable ;0.

So to all of you out there learn from my mistake and DO NOT EVER IN LIFE use the motherboard overclock software.
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  1. Interesting storie, i kinda doubt the rma'd board was dead though. Mebe you damaged the ram with 2 much voltage? Dunno, i never use those garbage setting anyway.

    So you still gunna overclock? :D
  2. Good story, this is how we learn. My only advice is to never RMA a computer product damaged during over-clocking, unless the product did not work as advertised prior to the overclock. Its really not appropriate to lay the cost of our mistakes on the manufacturer.
  3. overshocked said:
    Interesting storie, i kinda doubt the rma'd board was dead though. Mebe you damaged the ram with 2 much voltage? Dunno, i never use those garbage setting anyway.

    So you still gunna overclock? :D

    Well i did kill the board trust me ;d It was deader than dead they tested it during my stay at the shop lol ;d.And yeah i will overclock but in an entirely new direction i will build my self a Phenom PC with quad core and some other junk inside it so i could overclock it instead of killing my main as an i...t ;d
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