Gif help plox :D what motherboard is good 4 me?

Ok guys im not a 100 percent sure if i should be posting this here but anyways Ok i am after a new motherboard for my half OEM computer / New parts so far i have a 9800GTX+ a New case with 650w PSU and 2gb of ram out of my OEM also a E2140 for CPU So im after a new mobo ive looked around and searched online for the best mobo for this cpu i would love to push this cpu alittle higher then 1.6ghz its laking abit in performance atm i've heard of people getting this too a 100% overclock on stock cooling im not after that much but would love to get over 2ghz So far looked at the p35 mobo's the asus p5q i think it was and giga's but im really after somthing abit cheaper i had another post on a overclocking forum awhile back he said i could pick up a P4 board for around 50 bucks? is this true and what should i be looking at? Im probly going to be upgrading cpu and mobo soon but i want somthing that will last me to then........
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  1. The p45 boards have more adjustments for overclocking, but be sure your case isn't micro-atx only. Only a few folks can get a 100% overclock; I used 1066 for my e4300 for a 33% overclock, which is more realistic.
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