Emergency! Is my HD screwed?

Well we had a power out and my UPS worked well but I just shut down my computer like always.

When the power came back I started my computer and it just got a shortly after the boot screen (where I can press DEL to go to the bios and so on) and then stops.

The main HD makes weird noises like. wwwww (2sec nothing) wwwww (2sec nothing) wwwww (2sec nothing) wwwww....

Never heard that before. Is that a typical sign that this HD is screwed?

I have two more HDs in this computer and on those are all my important work files (those HDs don't make any sound, so I hope they are good...). Will I be able to access those other files from another computer? What should I do? Chances are those HDs will be fine right? Never heard that if one HD breaks others do too...

Sorry I'm a newbie but answering these questions would be really great and ease my worries before I can bring the computer to a store to fix it tomorrow.
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  1. Question: Did you, or the UPS, do an orderly shut down when you lost power Sounds like you did, just verifing. . If not you may have clobbered your drive - Not normal, but possible. When power is removed and if the drive is writing it could mess sector 0, Then when BIOS looks for drive info, it can not find it and like the energizer bunny, it keeps on trying and trying. You UPS may have let a glitch thru, not suppose to, but a possibility.

    If you could recognize the drive you could run the manufs drive utilities to restore, but if the computer will not recognize the drive. either return to manuf (if under warrenty) or use as a door stop. Sorry, I lost a WD 640 drive while installing Win 7. I think it was do to a memory error - Reason to do a memory check BEFORE installing an operating system.
  2. Hi Chief,
    I did a proper shutdown but the scenario you describe makes a lot of sense. It might have screwed up when the power came back. Is it possible to just connect the other drives to another computer to get the data?
  3. at the very least you should be able to access the other drives from a different computer, but i agree with chief, it sounds like it may have messed up.
  4. +1^ Concur with accessing the other drives with a 2nd computer. If you have a usb enclosure just pop them in. Else open the case and connect.
  5. thanks a lot!
  6. Yes, was that drive. I connected the others to another PC and they are fine. Thanks a lot guys!
  7. Lucky. You just got a free warning then.

    You need a recent backup of all your important data. Any data with no backup = you don't care if you lose that data.
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