MSI DKA790GX issues

I need help guys about this mboard, specially to those who already own this.
I just bought this mobo last week, its my first MSI mobo, and I am very dissapointed with it. It has its own positive side though, but its nothing compared to my experience using gigabyte motherboards.

1. MSI Live Update - based on peoples reviews in newegg, most of them are stating not to flash BIOS using MSI live update. I think that it will certainly messed up your mboard. Ive read MSI forums about "how to flash BIOS for MSI mboard". -frustrating, the tool that was provided does not support my DKA790GX(not platinum). I need to know, for those who already owns this, if you are succesfull in using MSI's Live Update.

2. Manual BIOS download - the platinum version has its own section on where u can download the BIOS manually, for DOS flashing ofcourse. Unfortunately, with my regular DKA790GX, u dont have other option but to use their MSI Live Update w/c Im afraid because (read issue#1). For people who owns this, do you think the BIOS for the platinum and the regular version are the same? because ive checked the version and they are exactly the same. I just need to make sure so that i can just use the Platinum's BIOS file.

3. PS2 (for KB & Mouse) - after oc and when u clear cmos for a failed oc, it does not detect my KB automatically. u need to reset it a few times until it automatically detects my KB, then enter BIOS setup so i can set it manually to detect KB. Do you guys think it has something to do with the BIOS version 1.2 that I have?

4. Built-in power/reset/Clear CMOS - when pressing these buttons, its like pressing a busted keypad on your cellphone. U don't know if theyre already activated or not because u need to exert a certain force to it. Is this normal? or its just me?

5. OC w/ A64 X2 5kBE - with my previous gigabyte 690G mboard (limited oc option), I was able to push my CPU to 3.1GHz by just adjusting the multiplier. with my DKA790GX, by adjusting the multiplier it can only reach 3GHz which is very dissapointing. although I can reach higher frequencies by adjusting cpu voltage, Im dissapointed to the fact that it cannot reach 3.1GHz by adjusting cpu multiplier alone. all reviews about my CPU based on AM2 mboards can reach 3.1Ghz w/o voltage adjustment. Do you guys think its another BIOS issue?

6. CPU voltage adjustment - Im confused as to why there are 2 cpu voltage option in BIOS setup. it sez "CPU VDD Voltage (V)" & "CPU Voltage". I'm confused as to what I really need to adjust inorder to push my CPU. I've played with it, changing both or just 1, was able to succesfully OC my CPU somehow, But failed some of the stability test I ran. Im thinking it has something to do with the BIOS again?!

If u think about it, it all boils down to BIOS issues. I am also planning to sell this Mboard and buy Foxconn A7DA-S instead, but I can probably change my mind depending on other people's point of view. any suggestion or comments will be appreciated. Thank You!
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  1. If overclocking is a priority, I wouldn't flash the bios until you get some direct input from folks who are using the newer bios version. You may have to post a question on more than one forum and wait awhile for an answer. Do more research on the foxconn before ordering. Foxconn boards haven't been known to overclock well.
  2. its ok now. Already bought Foxconn A7DA-S, and Im impressed with it. stable oc to 3.2 and 3.1 compared to my crappy DKA790GX. goona sell this mobo now, and never gonna buy MSI mobo again.
  3. That is incorrect. Currently OC an AMD Quad core 940 deneb CPU (3 GHz nominal) to 3.4 GHz very stable and cool. HTT=2 GHz. NB-2.6 GHz. The CPUs are oveclocked by keeping FSB=200 MHz (nominal) and increasing the multipliers, in CPU, HTT and NB and slightly rising the CPU-NVID voltage. I have seen stable overclocks to 3.6 GHz on this board.
    BTW the flash BIOS works and reliably (using a USB flash card). Avoid using the MSI update for BIOS update, it corrupts the BIOS and render the motherboard unusable.
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