I7 Overclocking.

Trying to overclock my i7, relativly new to this. I keep reading that people have there i7 at 3.8GH with there Vcores being like in the 1.34 range, i have no idea of what im doing wrong because my 3.8gh doesnt even remain at all stable, or even boot unless my Vcore is around 1.47v. I really dont want to keep running my processor at that voltage can anyone give me some ideas maybe. What else could be holding my back? I want it stable with prime95

Ga-EX58-UD4P GB mobo
6G DDR3 1333 corsair memory.
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  1. Ok well you might have some setting off. You should be able to obtain a 3.8 while having most everything on auto.... I have the ud3 3.0 and have a 3.88 normal oc with everything auto exept for my vcore at 1.33. Do you have your vdroop on or off? My suggestion is set everything to optimal performance then set your base clock to 185 make sure your memory is clocking close to 1333 give a little vdroop restart and you should be ok.
  2. Try this...
    Enable b clock to 185
    Performance enhance to extreme
    XMP on to profile 1 i think it is
    and set mem multi to 6 or x8.0
    Select load line calibration to type 2
    Set dram to 1.64

    Let everything else auto.... see if you get a stable boot.....
    If you do run prime..... if it is a little unstable try boosting the vvt a bit.... also use the ez tuner 6 to watch what your voltages are while in windows... DO NOT MAKE VOLTAGE CHANGES WITH THIS PROGRAM... ONLY USE IT TO SEE WHAT IT YOUR VVT AND OTHER SCORES ARE ON AUTO.... If you get it close let us know... we can help you tweak from there...... also read overshocked's forms on overclocking they are great and have good info.....
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