Western digital caviar green problem (1tb)

my wd 1tb so slow and need 4 ++ hour to install windows 7
i really need a help here
coz thi wd 1tb detected in bios
can i claim 4 warranty?
or somebody can teach how to fix this
tq very much
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    You might have a problem with this new drive, but maybe not. An installation of Win 7 will normally use a Full Format operation on the HDD, and that does take a long time. Last time I did that operation on a 1.5 TB WD Green it took over 3 hours just to do the Full Format without doing any installation of an OS. So if the on-screen progress bars show you continuous progress, it may be that all you need is more patience.
  2. thanks 4 reply

    so this wd 1tb green suitable to be a primary harddisk?
  3. Yes, no problem. Is the Install process still running, or did you cancel it? If you canceled I have a couple suggestions before re-starting, but do NOT stop it after 4 hours if it appears still to be making progress.
  4. I had Windows 7 installed on a 1TB WD Green disk and it ran just fine. But it will take a LONG time to completely format.
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  6. thanks 4 reply.........

    its been 4++ hour
    lets wait
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