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I got Win7 Ultimate and I was wondering what's the smoothest way to move to an SSD. Is there an easy free way to copy my partition over or do I *need* to start fresh?

With a regular HD, I know how to do this, but I'm more concerned if I need to worry about partition alignment/etc since SSDs have diff sector sizes. I hear somewhere that Vista/Win7 align to nearest 1MB, so it shouldn't matter, but I haven't been able to verify this.

Or any other concerns I may need to think about.

Thanks :)
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    I successfully transferred my Windows 7 installation from a WD Green drive to an Intel 160GB SSD by using the Windows 7 "System Image" backup. I backed up to an external HDD and burned a recovery DVD. I then swapped drives, booted from the recovery DVD, and restored the system image to the SSD. Worked great.

    The partitions would only end up aligned if they were aligned on the HDD to start with. I did this with the RC version as a test, and then later repartitioned and installed from scratch using the RTM version.

    The good news about installing from scratch is that it seems a lot less painful on an SSD because it goes so much faster.
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