Error 1722 when attempting to reinstall windows XP

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I am trying to reinstall windows XP. Conveniently, Dell chose not to send me a disc of the OS, so I am left having to attempt a reinstallation using the WINNT32.exe file. Unfortunately, before it can finish, I get error 1722: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. So I reinstalled windows installer 4.5 and the problem persists. Any suggestions? Any other ways I can reinstall windows xp without discs but with the cd key on my physical computer case?
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    if you contact Dell with your Service tag, they can send you a disk of your original OS for free as a one time only thing. I work for a computer refurb company and we get many of our restore disks through Dell and they are always good about it... but they will only send you the disk for the COA thats on the unit. good luck
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