K9A2 CF (MS-7388) v1.X

I have been searching the web for some info on the compabilities with the 125w and the am3 cpu¨s for my board. To my surprise i noticed that some ppl say that my board only supports cpu¨s with a power consuption up to 95w. When i got this board i checked MSI´s website for som info on the board. On their site there is only one version of the k9a2 cf motherboard. That version of the board does support all the newer processors except the 140w ones so I thought that the specs and supported cpu´s where the same for all versions of the k9a2 cf boards. What is my situation? Am i stucked with my phenom 9500 without the option of putting in one of those awsome phenom ii cpu¨s?
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  1. There were two versions of the board released. Version1 could not handle 140w processors period. They release Version2 shortly, which supposedly can handle 125w and 140w processors. To tell the difference, verson2 will have mosfet coolers, while version 1 won't. It will also have a clear label as V2.

    So if you have version2, you should be ok with phenomII.
  2. Thx alot. Unfortunatly i have the v1 model so the 125w phenom II is nothing for me. There is a am3 phenom II model that runs on 95w. Hopefully that one is supported on my board. Te MSI site says the board is am3 ready so that might be a good solution. What do you think? Is the board gonna support the 95w pII am3 model?
  3. I have version1 also, I updated my BIOS on Tuesday. I plan on trying out AMD PhenomII X3 720 on the board. Hopefully it works, if not, I may have to save up and go for AM3 motherboard.

    I also bought Thermalright HR-09S to cool the mosfet. I'll be fitting them tonight on a dead version1 I have. Hopefully they will fit.

    I'm just waiting on Microcenter to stock the 720BE's. Newegg has them for higher than MSRP.
  4. Please keep me updated on how it went! I just looked at some benchmark comparing the x3 720 model and it really looks promising espesially in that price range.
  5. OK... Here's an interesting update for my fellow K9A2 CF users...

    I'm sure those of you who had bothered to check the CPU support tab on MSI's website in the past would have noticed two tabs: one for v1.X, one for v2.X, with the v1.X only listing CPUs up to 95W. This is the case no longer, as the CPU Compatibility tab now only has one list which includes all AMD socket AM2, AM2+, and AM3 CPUs, including the 125W models. How is it possible suddenly after over a year of no 125W support? I had to find out...

    I called MSI just a short while ago to verify the 125W CPU support. Seeing as 125W CPUs aren't exactly new (Windsor and Agena anyone?) and the fact that when I last looked (only two weeks ago) the separate listings for each version were present on the website, I had to double check the list to be certain there wasn't some sort of error. Sure enough, the tech informed me that the v1.X board simply hadn't been tested thoroughly for compatibility with 125W CPUs. He went on to state that MSI recently tested 125W CPU's on both versions of the motherboard and was able to confirm that both now fully support all 125W CPU models. They now list even the new Phenom II 940 as a supported CPU!

    So, for anyone who has been considering an upgrade, or possibly even a new build, this recent change in CPU support may in fact be the v1.X's saving grace. Personally, I'll be impatiently waiting for the release of the new AM3 Phenom II's on the horizon.

    Edit: Should have included a link to the new CPU Support List: http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=prodcpu2&prod_no=1333&maincat_no=1&orderby=wattage%20ASC#menu
  6. This is amazing! Maby i jusy pick up the 940 for my 1.x board. Before i do that im gonna browse around the web looking for other 1.x users that can confirm the compability. Thanx for the info Bandit!
  7. NP brunkke. I was really shocked to see this data myself. I had to call MSI and they indeed confirmed the 940 will work on v1.X mobos. Heck, even the unreleased 925 is supported, but the 945 and 955 are not... Not yet, anyway. I have a feeling that since the 955 is now available for purchase, it will be on the list as soon as the 1.9 BIOS is released. It may even be supported in a beta BIOS, but I haven't searched for one in some time. Last beta BIOS I saw listed was on this web page:
    but I never did download it, nor read the notes for it.

    Good luck in your search!

    Edit: Here's a new list of Beta BIOS downloads for MSI AM2+ mobos: http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=newsdesc&news_no=567 but, none of the downloads work on that page... Maybe it's outta date, too.
  8. PII 940 works as charm on MSI K9A2 CF !
    but can anyone confirm that 955 works as well, because it is not stated in supported CPUs ?
    I couldn't find anything on the net to confirm it works :( It should work as it is prety much the same as 925 with higher clock :D
  9. Yonef, are you on a V1.X or V2 board? I sent you a PM about a week ago asking which you have. V2 board will clearly say "K9A2 CF V2" above the 2nd PCIe x16 slot, while the V1.X will just say "K9A2 CF" instead.

    While I was certain a PhII 940 would work on at least the V2 board with the 1.8 BIOS, the 955 (& 945) may have to wait for another BIOS update. As for V1.X, I have been growing increasingly tempted to become the guinea pig we need. I really don't care if the board recognizes the CPU properly, as I can just set it's parameters manually if I so desire. That said, it would be much more convenient to just "AUTO" everything within the BIOS. This would allow use of AMD Overdrive for profiled overclocks while maintaining full Cool'n'Quiet support for idle downclocks when set to stock.
  10. So I have v1 then. It says "K9A2 CF" and "MS-7388" (number in a little circle below PCIE is (10). My PII works well with my MS-7388 BIOS ver 1.8 but with few minor issues:
    It is corectly recognized from the bios, Multiplayer is adjastable, Q&Q works fine with vista and win 7 beta/RC, everything on auto is just set right;
    1) cannot rise the vcore more than 1.43v from the bios or AMD overdrive 2.x.x, but it can be rised to 1.55v from AOD 3.0
    2) cannot rise HT multi more than 9X from bios or AOD 2.x.x, but it can be rised from AOD 3.0 as much as it needs. (crashing at 12X, unstable on 11X)

    apart from this, it is running like a "mad dog" :D
  11. So perhaps I need to make another call to MSI and see if they have any intention of supporting the 955 on K9A2 mobos.

    That or drop a benny+ on a new 790F/GX/FX board that has the SB750 south-bridge - money I'd rather spend on a graphics and storage upgrade.
  12. here is a reply from MSI technical support on question: Does K9A2 CF v1.x support PII 955?


    First of all,I am sorry for the late response.
    The answer to your issue is this mainboard could support the Phenom II 955 CPU.

    Best wishes,
    MSI technical support team,

    ...uh, not sure what does this mean .
  13. "Could" probably means it likely will or should, and it's likely just that tech's assumption based solely on it's specifications. It's certainly nothing that leads me to believe that MSI officially supports use of the 955 on any K9A2 mobo. At least, not yet.

    I suppose we'll have to wait for a new BIOS for it to be "officially" supported. That's OK though. I've decided I'd be better off with a new motherboard anyway - one with the SB750 southbridge and more SATA support. I'll just pass this old rig's main components down to my kid brother.

    I'll also venture to say that we'll likely see the X2 7850 Kuma added on the official support list in the next BIOS version as well.
  14. I just got the 940BE! I will post how my v1 MB reacted on the chip.
  15. Bad idea mate :(
    mine MB just blow, not sure if the PII 940 caused that but it is not POSTing any more :( I've send RMA request.

    btw, I bought a proper MB -> Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4 ; 790X, SB750, 140+Watt CPU support, etc.
    by now I pretty happy with it, will post more info later :)
  16. Maby I will be safe if i dont OC the cpu. That will keep the temp down and the MB alive. That will minimize the risk right? Is there anything else i should think about before i install it?
  17. Not OCing will not keep you safe, as long the PII 940 is 125W TDP and the MOSFETs of the mobo are definitelly NOT capable to provide that much power. I have been persuaded that v1.x of this MB will die eventually if used 125W CPU (for reference see MSI forums)

    ...apart form this, you have to Update BIOS to 1.8 at least because earlier versions of the BIOS is not supporting PII 940. BUT the problem is that v1.8 is crappy (RAM not detected properly, NB clock cannot be adjusted...I have MAJOR stability issues)

    wish you better luck, and keep the CPU at Q&Q and stock voltage, this might help :)
  18. I will do some more research before i install it. The only reason i bought the chip was because i got it for only 110 euro including shipping so i could not hesitate the purchase.
  19. Yonef, how long did you keep your board alive with the OC? Did msi give you another board to replace the one that said goodbye! In my opinion i think that they really should replace the board if the site confimed the compability with the chip.
  20. I run the PII for about 3 months on OC, after I realized that the MB going to die I downclocked it to stock, but this obviously doesn't help at all :(
    MSI did not gave me another board, instead of that they want £24 for RMA, and within 28 days thay going to try to fix it and then will return it to me. I'm NOT going to pay £24 for a warranty product. What an insolence! I've already bought a new propper MB.

    brunkke, I'm still not 100% sure that my CPU damaged the mobo!! MBs has an ability to die inevitably :lol:
  21. Yonef, you're far better off with a motherboard that has the SB750 southbridge anyway. They overclock far more reliably. That Gigabyte board is the same one I've been considering if I purchase a Phenom II. Also considering a few ASUS and DFI boards, but the Gigabyte's features are comparable and it's price is far lower.

    As for the old mobo, if you have the spare parts, paying 24 quid for shipping charges and ending up with 2 systems may be an option. If they can't "repair" it, they will replace it. I recently paid $20 shipping to RMA a malfunctioning video card, and it was worth every penny. The new card works great and I didn't have to spend another $200 to replace it.
  22. If I install the chip without OC:ing or modifying anything, what kind of damage can i expect if the MB dislikes the new cpu? Will the chip fry the MB without hurting any other components or do I face the risk of damaging other components aswell for example the gpu, ram or the cpu?
  23. You run at least a slight risk of damaging your present hardware with the installation of any new part, no matter what it is. That's the nature of the beast, so just go for it.

    Try running it at stock settings and torturing the hell out of it for a day or two with Prime95. If all seems well after a full 24-48 hours of Prime95, then I'd say you're probably good to go. It would likely be just fine overclocked a bit, but I wouldn't go raising the voltage any. An overclock to speeds from 3.2 to 3.4 GHz shouldn't require voltage modification anyway, and would barely push the TDP beyond 140W. It's overclocks like Yonef's at 3.6GHz and 1.4V that can really hurt a system because the total wattage for the CPU at that frequency and voltage exceeds 200W!
  24. In other words, you dont think i will face any major problems besides the fact that the MB might die? The risks of damaging anything else is slim?
  25. Brunkke, you will not damage anything other that MB if something goes wrong. I mean, if the MOSFETs of the MB failed, that will lead to system malfunction and will be harmless to other components. Like RazberyBandit said, stay away form OC at all. I suggest you even do not exceed 125W because according to MSI technical support team, this MB is not reliable even on 125W.
    The best thing you can do is undervolt the CPU slightly (mine is rock solid on 1.26V). Since Phenom II 940 real consumption is ~118W at stock speed and vcore, if you go for 1.26-1.28 V this will decrease tottal power deeded by CPU to lets say ~110W which is absolutely acceptable for this mobo .

    I suggest you install PII and enjoy it, as it may take years to destroy your MB or not destroy it at all.
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