My ATI 4850 power cord only has 3 pins?

I just got my 4850 a few mins ago and I noticed that the power cord, the side that is conected to PSI, only has 3 pins while the PSI power connector has 4 holes. Is that normal?
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  1. This may sound tough, but hopefully you received the video card with software and an instruction manual. You might want to open the instruction manual and see what it says, sometimes important directions on installing and using the video card will be addressed, and you won't have to ask the rest of to do the ground work YOU should have already done...
  2. ? what? I'm not asking for installation instruction I'm asking about the power cord that connects the GC to the PSI. It has 3 pins while PSI cord has 4 holes. The instruction manual only provides a quick install guide that is very short.
  3. The only 3 pin connectors I know of in use on the internals of a computer are fan connectors, and they look drastically different, and couldn't power a GPU if they tried. You're mistaking something for something else.
  4. at one end is a 4 sqare box with 6 holes that seems to go into the GC and at the other end is a 3 pin molex. Could that be a faulty cable though, thats what I'm asking.
  5. That sounds like the S/PDIF connector that should connect from the video card to either your sound card or motherboard sound input.
  6. Some power supplies (older) do not have the connector required to connect the power supply (PSU) to the Video Card (GPU).
    The end of harness with 6pin connector plugs into the end of the Video Card. The other end plugs into one of the moldex connectors on the harness coming from your PSU.
    Does the connector you have look something like this?

  7. Left head is a 6 pin while the right head is a 3 pin like the one in the link. Notice the small yellow wire on the left head.
  8. so thats the adapter allright.
    So your psu doesn't have PCIe power connectors that would fit straight into the power connector on the card?

    and the card only needs 12V and ground via the adapter from the molex connector that also has pins for 5V and another ground. The PCIe power connector has 3 ground pins and 3 12V pins, that adapter just couples these with the ones on the molex
  9. just to add, if your psu indeed has PCIe power connectors, it would be highly advisable to use those instead
  10. Okay good. Cable is correct. Now for your PSU. What is it?
  11. I'm running my 4850 on a no-name 350watt. Smart? No.

    ...but it does indeed run. Unless he's got a real POS I think he should be fine.
  12. My PSU has two PCI-E. Labeled PCI-E1 and PCI-E2. So I can just plug one of those directly into my GC and it'll run smoothly?
  13. Yes
  14. It`s normal.

    The missing pin is +5v. The forth hole of the 4pin molex connector(Psu) is +5v(red wire).

    Your card needs only+12v(yellow) and Ground(Black). not the +5v one.
  15. Awsome thnx guys. Srry for my noobishness.
  16. No problem. Keep us posted on your build.
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