BIOS not recognizing OC or graphics card until i restart?

Hi all, after recently installing a new graphics card, (Radeon 5870), I noticed extreme performance and loved it.
Unfortunately, 2 days later, the bios would not recognize my card, and after playing with overclocking later, will not recognize that either.
That is, until i restart it, or go into the settings myself and reboot.
For example, if i just boot the pc up normally, the oc and card will not be recognized, but everything else works. If i restart after the initial boot, everything will then be recognized.
Any ideas?

My system specs are :
i7-920 @ 3.5ghz
3gb ddr3 corsair Ram
WD 500gb, WD 640gb, WD 1tb
EVGA x58 mobo with Pheonix BIOS
radeon 5870 gpu
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  1. Try resetting your mobo. Unfortunately this means losing all your settings.
  2. i went into bios and reset to defaults, is that resetting it? or are there other steps to take
  3. load your optimal settings and restart... then do your oc again... WRITE DOWN YOUR VALUES!!
  4. the problem persisted before i overclocked anything, and using default settings + no oc has the same effect.
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