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I bought a Sapphire HD 3850 video card and a Stealth XStream 600W power supply. I put in the power supply and checked the system. All was working fine. I then put in the new video card and it worked for a little while and then the monitor went black. I put in the old graphics card and now the monitor is not working at all. It says no input. I hooked my computer to another monitor and receive the same no input message. I put my old power supply back in with my old video card and the monitor still has no input. I also connected the monitor directly to the original on the motherboard and it is still not working.
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  1. did you use the same cable when u hooked your PC to another monitor?
  2. no, i used a different one
  3. but did u hook up your monitor to another PC?
  4. yes, monitor works fine with another pc
  5. Is the system even powering up?
  6. yes, the system powers up, all connections are good but monitor port is not working. I'm thinking that i shorted out motherboard but don't know how to check that
  7. Does your motherboard have a bios reset? If it does then reset the bios. If you can't find the bios reset remove the bios battery for 30 seconds and then pop it back in.
  8. i removed the battery for about 30 min and put back in. Nothing is happening
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