Is my cpu to hot ?

Hi guys i have a amd 550 be runing on a gigabyte ga-ma790gpt-ud3h motherboard unlocked it to 4 cores and overclocked it to 3.4 ghz ran prime95 for 2 hours and cpu ran steady between 125-130 f is this ok if so can i go to 3.5 savely ?. O and to let u guys know just used the cpu clock ratio so just the cpu getting warm nothing else
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  1. Yes your CPU is a bit off for just a 3.4Ghz overclock..What cooler are you using? Hopefully not the stock cooler...

    First off forget about "fahrenheit" , try posting your temps in "Celcius" =) , use speedfan or Everest Ultimate to monitor your temps and don't let your CPU hit 65c, try keeping it below 60c if possible....


  2. k to answer your ? useing an antec cooler and useing silver 5 compound ran test again it peeks at 55 c then comes down to around 49 c after running awhile using prime 95 and testting all cores with no failers runs stable with prime 95 runing i can open up files and do other things without any lock ups just wanted to see if that number was to hot and if so is there anything else in the bios i could do to get it up higher without so much heat gain .
  3. did you have to raise the voltage at all while overclocking?

    if memory serves right, the 45nm amd chips ship with a higher stock voltage than it needs. you can try to lower the voltage and run the tests again to see if it remains stable, otherwise, see if you can increase airflow in the case or raise the RPM on the fan/s on the cpu cooler.

    it would also help if you told us what cooler model you have, and how long ago you put it on, AS5 has a set in time of about 200 hours, so you can see temperature differences from when you first put it on and after the 200 hours
  4. as far as the cooler all i know its a antec threw away the box but it is hug and have only been running this cpu for about 3 days just built this unit its in a cooler master with 4 of biggest fans i have ever seen going to try to lower voltage and good call by the way did not think to lowe it thanks for the tip
  5. just to send a reply on the lowering the voltage it worked lowered it to 1.312 now running prime95 and cpu heat peeked at 43 c and now running 40 for about 20 mins thanks for the help
  6. no problem
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