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Hey, I love SpeedFan for just on-the-fly temperature checks. But is there a tool that allows you to see a graph or a log of your temperatures? I would like to let Prime95 run all night and see what the temperatures reach.

Appreciate the help.

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    if you download coretemp, there is an option for logging on it. There may be others but coretemp has an option for logging for sure. It saves it as a spreadsheet and updates every few seconds listing the time, cpu usage, and temperatre for each different core.
  2. Real Temp 3.0 keeps a log, writes the temps every 5 second.
  3. speedfan has a graph feature, just open it up, and select the charts tab at the top, then select the values you want to monitor
  4. Thanks a lot you guys. Daft, I have used the charts but that only goes back a few minutes.
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