EVGA GeForce 8500 GT and HDCP

Are there any HDCP experts here? I have been trying to resolve a problem with an EVGA GeForce 8500 GT graphics card that I bought from Future Shop in Canada this week. The card works fine except when I try to watch a Blu-ray movie through the DVI link to an HDCP compatible Dell monitor (1907 FPV). I bought the card to replace the integrated graphics that came with my Acer Aspire M5100. The integrated graphics card was an ATI Radeon X1250. It was disabled automatically when I installed the 8500 GT but I didn't uninstall the drivers or Catalyst. I am using Power DVD Ultra 7.3 (I think that is the version, anyway), which came with the LG GGC-H20L Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive that I bought. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PowerDVD and installed the LG patch. I have also updated the monitor drivers and the nVidia drivers.

One thing that concerns me is that the 8500 GT is not HDCP compliant. The specs given on the EVGA website site show a box that has an "HDCP capable" logo.

That logo was not on the box for the card that I purchased.

Does anyone know if this mean that my card is not HDCP compliant? The model numbers are almost identical.
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  1. Just think of what Vista Capable meant :D. Anyway even if the card is technically capable, it still needs the HDCP code and it doesn't look like your card has it. You really should dissable the onboard video in the BIOS and uninstall the drivers for it before putting in a card from a different chip manufacturer by the way.
  2. Thanks, megamanx. I tried to disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS before I installed the new card, but I couldn't find anywhere to do it and there were no switches on the motherboard that I could see. Hence, as a last resort I disabled it in Device Manager. The GeForce didn't work even then. I didn't uninstall the drivers because I was concerned that I might have no video signal at all if the GeForce didn't work.

    Is it possible to get an HDCP code? If not, what is the point of advertising something as HDCP capable?

    Good point about Vista, BTW :-)
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