Trying to install 2nd SATA

Hi all

hope you can help with my problem. Quick run on relevant specs:

AMD Phenom 2.2
Arctic 700w PSU w 1 x sata
Vista x64 Home Premium
Asus M2A-VM HDMI mobo
8gb corsair
Toshiba 500gb SATA
Western Digital Caviar 500gb external USB/SATA

Basically the PSU for the WD drive broke and I've had the drive sitting around doing nothing so I've dismantled the housing today and took the drive out. When I went to install it i noticed that i only had 1 SATA power cable from the arctic PSU. Went and bought a new SATA data cable as well as an adaptor to convert a molex power cable to SATA.

Booted into BIOS and couldn't see the WD drive. Went into vista disk management and couldn't see it there as expected from no sign in bios. Went back into bios and it wasn't picking it up at all so tried:

Changing the port to sata 3/4 instead of 2 - same result
Using cables from existing sata drive - 1st port in BIOS did not say 'none' as it had for the WD drive previously, but there was nothing there to select? Couldn't boot into vista as it was on the other drive with no power.

I'll try using the Molex'd power cable and new sata lead for the TOshiba drive as my next step (Doh moment as I write;), but if that doesn't work do you have any suggestions for me? If possible I don't want to format the WD drive as its got lots of photos, music and important docs on it :D

Appreciate the time you've taken to read so far, many thanks
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  1. My first guess is are you sure it was the external PSU that broke? If the drive died, then it won't get picked up in the bios. If the PSU did die, it might have allowed a power spike through that fried the drive. There are no jumpers to mess with on SATA drives, so if you used the power and data cable and got nothing, the drive is dead.

    As a side note, I'd look at getting rid of that PSU. 700W and only one SATA port? I bet it still has the voltage switch in the back.
  2. Hi vet. Thanks for the reply.

    The drive definitely works as I tested with a friends PSU and it was fine. Using the cables which are in the pc for the 1st drive gave a different result to the new cables also, with a mystery drive showing as being on sata 1 port, but no way to select or edit in bios. Do a quick search on Google to see how many people have problems getting 2nd SATA drives recognised both in BIOS and Windows and you'll see lots of people in the same boat. I just wanted to give the specifics of my situation to see if any of the TH experts could help.

    With regards to the PC PSU, it's 2 year old and doesn't have a voltage change switch. Other than it being quite noisy i don't see a need for changing it. Up until now i've never wanted or needed a 2nd SATA power supply so don't know how your comment is meant to help?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply anyway.
  3. You said you tested it with a friends PSU - did you have it plugged in, and recognized, on another computer? Or it just spun up when connected to power?

    Does it spin up at all on your computer?
  4. Not sure what problems your talking about. I'm currently on an old socket 939 system, with 3 SATA harddrives and one SATA dvd burner. I just plugged them in and it worked. Everything was seen by the bios, everything worked. Thats kind of the point of SATA.

    If you tested it with a friends PC and it worked, there are only a few possibilities. One is that your power adapter isn't working right. AFAIK they are simple devices, but double check everything to make sure you had everything tight, etc. Next is whats different that would allow it to work on his and not yours? Lacking system specs I could only guess.

    I mentioned the PSU only because it is junk. A 700W PSU should have many SATA plugs on it, not one. You should consider getting a better at some point before something bad happens.
  5. I don't think you can tell the quality of a PSU by the number of SATA plugs. I think the older ones have fewer SATA plugs, not just current/cheap ones.
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